Posted 26 ноября 2021,, 11:40

Published 26 ноября 2021,, 11:40

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Sociologists record the growth of protest moods in the country in connection with QR-codes

26 ноября 2021, 11:40
If before the fall of this year, popular dissatisfaction with the actions of the Russian authorities was expressed in a relatively calm form, today there is already an aggressive mood, sociologists note.

Anthropologist Alexandra Arkhipova published on her channel a summary table of the growth of protest sentiments in Russian society:

“From cute pickets to aggression. In 2021, there were at least 144 campaigns against compulsory vaccinations and / or QR codes. How are the dynamics of protest changing?

First, we have all summer - attempts at rallies (which were suppressed in Moscow) in the format of meetings with deputies and many lovely and, as a rule, single pickets (note that at this time there are often worried mothers at pickets).

Autumn is coming, the degree of speech is changing, petitions to local authorities appear. And now November comes, the fight against new bills and the protest becomes more severe. Collective appeals to Putin appear (in terms of style they are closer to requirements than to petitions) and mass actions (up to 500 participants). And finally, an aggressive form arises - blocking public space: when people break into shopping centers, reception centers of city authorities or block trams. Aggression is increasing - due to the fact that these fears and demands of the authorities all the previous months were ignored..."

Political scientist Roman Alekhin, for his part, drew attention to a notable column in this table - an increase in the number of calls to Putin:

“Sociology shows that the population does not trust the elected governors.

The federal government disowned restrictions and transferred decision-making to the regions, but residents of the regions turned to the president, both personally and with petitions, but practically did not turn to those who made decisions at the headquarters. There can be two conclusions: the governor corps is weak in terms of social technologies, or the population does not need elected heads of regions. Most likely, they are not needed, but precisely such governors as they are now are not needed..."

Comments to these publications are also characteristic:

- Throughout Europe, the same anti-Axis go to rallies in the thousands. And tens of thousands. In most cases, this is not prohibited or dispersed in any way if the rally is peaceful. If the vandals and the Nazis who have been repulsed begin to destroy property, the police intervene. Sometimes the inadequate is dispersed with a water cannon. That is, the goal is precisely to disperse, and not beat and detain hundreds. In Russia, the worst offense was a glass and a snowball, as far as I remember.

- Do you know what's interesting? To be completely honest, the “deep people” have no rights at all, no hopes, the people are extremely atomized, no one loves anyone, no one helps anyone and does not ask for help. Full acceptance and justification of violence in all forms and forms, no one really needs a family or children, it is annoying, perceived as a burden. Money is also not needed by anyone - there is a total confidence that it is impossible to earn it, only to steal it, but they will go to prison...

Thrash, not life, and no light. Like the peasants in Russia, there is some hope for an improvement in the situation only if you die and go to heaven for the suffering you have experienced. By and large, no one wants to live, everyone just suffers, plus wild aggression towards each other. Hence, domestic murders, and male alcoholism, and a huge number of suicides.

And here's what's interesting. A certain conditional Petrov drinks vodka and dies like that at 45. This is normal, Petrov, until he dies from vodka, does not bother anything at all. But this conditional Petrov is nevertheless "against compulsory vaccination and QR codes." What does it matter to him? This forced vaccination crossed some line. Which one? While there is only thought about "biological diversity"...