Posted 21 декабря 2021,, 07:59

Published 21 декабря 2021,, 07:59

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Nothing is knocking on our doors

21 декабря 2021, 07:59
Алина Витухновская
For many, the socio-political reality has exhausted itself. Halffacebook discusses dreams. In dreams there is something childish, something near-death, something modern. Fixation on dreams is often a sign that in reality nothing happens to a person.

There will be "nothing" with Russia. Nothing is knocking at your doors.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

It is curious that people voluntarily return to the archaic. And giving value to dreams, the interpretation of dreams, is nothing more than a cultural archaic. Freud's doctrine is not true, but if it were true even for a percentage, this fidelity would apply only to the period when it had real popularity. That is, during the Art Nouveau period. Modern man has nothing to suppress in essence. It is opened and empty like a bottle, and the letter inside it has long been found, read and forgotten.

In the world of post-informational, there is no longer any place for sleep, so excessive, so excessive. Therefore, the fact that people massively describe their dreams suggests what I wrote about in previous materials - they are simply thrown out, carried out of social reality into Nothing (but not Nothing). Displacement into Nothing. On the sidelines of the unconscious in the province of meanings.

In one children's poem, written by me when I was 8, there were the following lines:

“I don't need my dreams.

In them there is the memory of strangers,

Shards of other people's ideas

And feelings that are not given to me.

The words in them are simple and empty,

And thoughts stick out.

And they go deaf. What could be worse

Than the silent and angry emptiness?"

I mentioned him in connection with the theme of dreams and Nika Turbina. December 17 was her birthday. Remembering many indigo children, exhausted and ditched by destructive families, remembering my childhood, I can summarize - poetry kills and by poetry kills as well. Grown up in a specific artificial atmosphere, "wild swans" are senseless sacred sacrifices thrown on the altar of their family and (or) society. Tragedy is imposed on them, it is inscribed in fate, it seems, even before birth. And not everyone has the will to resist this.

There are, of course, exceptions. Those people with unusual thinking, who nevertheless settled down in life. In the case of the contemporary Russian poet, it is more and more often about the underground. In my immodest - underground as fate - the choice is exclusively masochistic.

Domestic cultural discourse is being depleted by itself. In the era of glamor and postmodernity, great people often lose to cover beauties, pop divas and insta models, because they look unconvincing. Well, the truth is - who are you going to ask for advice? Whoever rejects glamor in the name of abstract culture will lose culturally, economically and politically.

With the pathological logocracy of Russia, its blind faith in the word, everything here is saturated with lies. Literally, to live is to lie. The text here is not identical with the meaning, the person with speech. He seems to fall away from her. Therefore, at the exit - everything is irrational. Everything, except, perhaps, the economy.

You talk about the importance of the economic, they are almost accused of Marxism. Well, what kind of Marxism in the XXI century? At this historical stage - economic - the highest manifestation of the human. As we can see, pseudo-humanism a la Erich Fromm and others like them, which fed naive idealists, did not justify itself. But the economic factor - structures, includes the rational, even where there was no trace of it. Yes, yes, with him the irrational quickly becomes rational. We can say that he is even metaphysical, for he explains the inexplicable. In general, economics is humanism. I have no other humanism for you.

Common misconceptions are, for example, attributing a mystical meaning to accidents. Believe in justice emanating from the most "reasonable" arrangement of life. For example, to think that a young judge, passing unrighteous judgments, died not because of illness, but because of her own immorality. I already wanted to write "sinfulness". But this is precisely how they reasoned in the Middle Ages!

Or, for example, to live in the false dichotomy of "ugly old tyrant" - "young beautiful victims." (Hello profanator Fromm!) I constantly read about how a certain tyrant is jealous of someone. Someone young and beautiful. Friends, you have no idea how many young and beautiful (and even more so, middle-aged and ugly) are jealous of a tyrant just because he has power. And so on and so forth.

An analysis of these typical misconceptions is necessary in order to understand, among other things, why the opposition is losing. That is why. Because it bases its conclusions, tactics and strategy on absolutely false messages.

And simpler people, meanwhile, slide into simplicity as goodness. But this goodness is dangerous. Morgenstern's new video is an unconscious allusion to “Boy! Bring us vodka - we are flying home! " performed by the Navalny couple. Morgenstern is an absolute "new Russian" in postmodernism. Well, all these cars, women, chains, loot to the public. Navalny fell from postmodern to modern, that is, having played a hero, he became a victim. This is the ontology of today's Russia. "New Russians" will sit - this is the slogan of the current pseudo-elite.