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Published 24 декабря 2021,, 09:05

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"We see the signs from the Apocalypse": why 11 monasteries of Mount Athos do not want to be vaccinated

"We see the signs from the Apocalypse": why 11 monasteries of Mount Athos do not want to be vaccinated

24 декабря 2021, 09:05
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At the end of November, Reuters reported: the coronavirus swept Mount Athos, covid was recorded in many of the 20 active monasteries, and nine monks have died since the beginning of the pandemic. A vaccination campaign has been underway on the holy mountain since March 2021, but its level is less than 40%.

By December 19, as it turned out, monks from 11 monasteries refused to be vaccinated.

Detailed information about how many monks and in which specific monasteries of Mount Athos were vaccinated were published by the website ΕΘΝΕΓΕΡΣΙΣ (“National uprising” - Greek language), the authors of which are the Athos monks and their lay friends. The portal opentown told about it.

The exact statistics are as follows: Simonopetra - only 5 or 6 did not. By mid-December, the monks of the following monasteries refused to be vaccinated: Dionysiates (by the common decision of the brethren), Philotheus, Caracallus, Konstamonit, Xiropotam, Grigoriat, Dochiar, the Bulgarian Monastery Zograf, Serbian Monastery Khilandar, Russian Holy Panteleimon Monastery, Old Esfigmen (of about 120 one is not vaccinated). Also, 95% of Kelliots are not vaccinated.

Back on January 7, 2021, one of the most famous abbots of Athos, the abbot of the monastery in honor of St. Paul the Apostle on Mount Athos, Parthenius said that he would not bless anyone to receive the coronavirus vaccine, and compared the current situation with the 13th chapter of Revelation.

“Now we already see many signs of the times, which are written about in the Apocalypse. I tell you this to the best of my understanding, as I see it...

In the 13th chapter of the book of Revelation it is said that people will be inscribed with the mark of the beast ... It is clearly written about this: And he will do what all, small and great, rich and poor, free and slaves, will be put on the right hand them or on their foreheads, and that no one will be allowed to buy or sell, except for the one who has this mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name (Rev. 13, 16-17).

Now we, too, are witnessing deceit: the dark forces are working tirelessly. We are told about some kind of vaccination that is obligatory for everyone. Everyone will have to get this vaccine. And first, you will need to sign a document stating that we are aware of possible side effects and will bear responsibility for them ourselves.

I think this is the most real mockery. They just mock us. This is also stated in Revelation. Not directly, but this is meant. You need to get vaccinated and sign a voluntary consent. And then, if something happens, I will not be able to say a single word... Not a single...

The same is said in the Apocalypse. Antichrist will act by deception. By accepting his seal, we will not be slaves to the true God, but to the devil. We will no longer have the name that we received in Holy Baptism (for example, I was baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity and received the name Charalampius Murelatos), but each will be assigned some number, some number.

And all this will be done by deception...

I tell you this with love, this is my deep conviction: I will not give anyone a blessing to be vaccinated! I am against the currently proposed coronavirus vaccine!

Who is behind this vaccine?

An American friend of mine who is not even a Christian told me: Don't get this vaccine. Those who receive this vaccine will be doomed in a few years.

When this coronavirus began, there were almost no cases in Thessaloniki, there were very few cases of infection. But when the procession with the miraculous icon was banned, a real fire broke out. This was the so-called warning call from above...

Calamities come when we refuse the grace of God and begin to do our will...

Scripture says that in the end times temptations of the kind will come that even the elect will be tempted. We need to pray to the Lord: Lord, I ask You: deliver me from the spirit of delusion, so that I can do Your Holy Will.

Now many people experience fear and horror, they are afraid of contracting the disease. I have neither fear nor horror. Remember better Saint Paisius the Holy Mountain, who prayed to God to get cancer, because he felt sorry for the people who came to him for advice and he wanted to be more useful to them, to feel all their pain. And he died of cancer glorifying God.

I consider sickness a kind of blessing of God, I tell you this with love. If God allows me to get infected with this disease, get sick for 4-5 days, and then die, then I will only be glad. Because I believe that by this God is leading me to salvation.

What can you do if some rulers, some bishops with a high theological education, urge people to be vaccinated? If they support vaccinations, then let them do them for themselves ... Everyone has free will. I expressed my own opinion, expressed my faith...”.

Meanwhile, the portal "Russian Athens" writes:

“In one of the majestic monasteries of Athos, 70-year-old Father Makarios reads the Gospel during the Divine Liturgy, waiting for the coronavirus vaccination. He says he knows how to distinguish religion from science: “I had different thoughts about whether a vaccine was needed. ...Of course, we have faith in God, and God protects us, "says the 70-year-old monk, and then confesses:" I almost died when I got sick with Covid-19. However, science is in the hands of God, God enlightens scientists to protect humanity".

By the way, the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill (Gundyaev) at the diocesan meeting on December 22 condemned those clergy who oppose vaccination: sowing panic is a sin. Such reasoning leads people away from the understanding that enslavement to the antichrist consists in refusing to be faithful to the Lord in their deeds, in words, in refusing to stay in the Church, - and the notorious "seal" is only an external sign, a visible expression of the accomplished apostasy".

Let us also recall: the vicar of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, the governor of the Solovetsky Transfiguration of the Savior Monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop Porfiry (Shutov), director of the Solovetsky State Historical, Architectural and Natural Museum-Reserve, in his sermon on July 18, 2021, stated that covid vaccination is a red line for a Christian.

Vladyka said that they knew about the coronavirus in Solovki firsthand: many had been ill, the disease claimed the lives of two priests and two parishioners.

In his address to the Solovetsky community, the venerable bishop noted that the messenger RNA proteins contained in the medicine edit the human genome, actually changing the “image of God” according to which man was created.

“It is also reliably, accurately and officially known that metal nanoparticles are present in the vaccine, that these particles have a number of properties, paramagnetism in particular. That there are technologies for influencing the nervous system through them.

These are open patents, absolutely reliable information. And that they are all built into the digital control loop. And in this regard, the question arises: did the person who experienced these interventions really remain an autonomous and sovereign person? Or has the control center of our behavior been moved somewhere outside? ”, - noted the bishop.

In this regard, the governor of the Solovetsky Transfiguration Monastery of the Savior urged all believers not to succumb to provocations: “For our salvation, it is necessary to remain human in the image and likeness of God ... The fear of offending the heavenly Father, God who loves us, drives out all other fears in the Christian heart. That is why the Christian civilization has drawn red lines, beyond which in no case can one cross, interfering with the mysteries of God".

On our own, we add that the majority of doctors and scientists have exactly the opposite opinion about vaccination and methods of treating covid.