Posted 30 декабря 2021,, 11:17

Published 30 декабря 2021,, 11:17

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NATO unity can be split by hitting Greenland with an atomic bomb

30 декабря 2021, 11:17
Having detonated a tactical nuclear charge in the center of this practically deserted island belonging to one of the NATO countries, Russia does not risk getting a retaliatory strike, which means it will be considered the winner.

Sabirjan Badretdinov, journalist

I tried to look at the world and the current international situation through the eyes of the current Kremlin inhabitants (i.e. from the point of view of an imperial great-power, deeply immoral and inhuman worldview based on geopolitical ideas of the 19th century).

Now NATO is approaching the borders of Russia. The West wants to bring Russia to its knees, change the country's leadership and put its puppets at the head of our state in order to plunder our resources with impunity.

The US, EU and NATO are trying to prevent us from returning the unjustly seized spheres of influence (all Soviet republics and Eastern Europe). At a minimum, the West does not want the reunification of the Little Russians with two other parts of the Russian people - the Great Russians and the Belarusians. This is historically unacceptable for us. Therefore, it is necessary to teach the West a lesson in order to once and for all discourage it from encroaching on the sovereignty and national interests of Russia.

How to do it? A full-scale nuclear war with the West would destroy the entire planet. But without the use of nuclear weapons, it is impossible to put the West in its place. This means that at some stage it is necessary to use tactical nuclear weapons.

If we begin to liberate part of Ukraine from Bandera's supporters, then the West will certainly begin to help Kiev, perhaps even militarily. In this case, we can intimidate the West by detonating a tactical nuclear device in Western Europe.

The destruction of an entire city like Paris or London is absolutely unacceptable. This would lead to huge sacrifices, and hence to the loss of support for Russia even from the most loyal allies, including Trumpists, right-wing populists, etc. But there is one place in Europe where you can detonate a tactical nuclear warhead launched from a Russian submarine without much sacrifice.

This is Greenland. Greenland is so huge in territory that there will be practically no casualties in the explosion if the warhead is detonated in the middle of the island.

What does it do? First, despite the fact that Denmark is a NATO member and that there is an American military base on the island, the West will not dare to give a symmetrical answer (and, even more so, an asymmetrical one). This will lead, in fact, to the collapse of NATO and to a decline in the prestige of this organization. All Russian fans in the world will be delighted with Russia's ability to oppose the West, but at the same time they will not be outraged by the number of victims. And the impotence of the West will lead to the complete discrediting of the United States and Europe, and possibly to the deepest political crisis in Western countries.

After that, Russia will be able to freely carry out its historical mission in the international arena to the applause of all who have lived in poverty for many decades under the yoke of the Anglo-Saxon civilization.

How do you like this scenario?

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