Posted 14 января 2022,, 10:09

Published 14 января 2022,, 10:09

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21st century Occult Salade Olivier

14 января 2022, 10:09
Алина Витухновская
The more radical the real political agenda becomes, the more fearful the pseudo-positional gurus become. Someone in all seriousness continues to exploit occult trends. Explain the rituals performed by the elite. All this occultism has long been turned into waste paper lying on the ruins in the 90s.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

And it would seem that he should have stayed there. But in the absence of real insider information, we are supplied with similar things from everywhere, right down to opposition resources. I guess this topic was a priori profane. So, for example, the notorious Ahnenerbe society was created with the aim of disguising diplomatic contacts of the leadership of the Third Reich from the vigilant gaze of world intelligence. Let's say meetings on political and technological issues were held in remote eastern corners of the planet (Iran, Tibet). It would be very naive to believe that the Third Reich on its own, with the help of occult rituals, would have gained access to some technology.

However, the whole life of a Russian is a continuous ritual. The thorny path of Bilbo Baggins on foot through the entire Astrakhan region to the middle strip of Mordor. Tolkien is the perfect writer for kids. Not even children, but infantiles. He is performed by adults - it is also wildly childish and no less vulgar. But here everyone has been vulgarized - Kafka, Orwell. Hardened to the point of indecency. Few have not been vulgarized. Nabokov, for example. He can't be vulgarized. Although the hands are stretching to him. Soviet literature for 80 percent is vulgar, initially. Vulgar and unbearably bad. The logocracy of the “most reading country on the planet” played a cruel joke on it. People lived inside the books with the lives of literary heroes, and did not even begin to live the real life itself.

Since the childhood, I have associated reading with the prohibition on life. And it turns out I was ontologically right. The same rituals are "magical" cooking and eating food on the notorious Yandex-Zen resource, which I already wrote about in a recent article.

New Year's holidays are also a ritual, and quite a scary one. It can be called trance induction with alcohol and overeating. At the exit, we get not only Sorokin's oprichnaya caterpillar, but something much more terrible and grandiose. Through the New Year's national-patriotic jellied meat, a person joins the very egregor of the Motherland! What are all these chopped salads? Basins with Olivier? This is the natural mosaic schizophrenia of a distraught Russian, given to us in chopped vegetables under the mayonnaise of popular love.

Against the background of all this, political news looks like gray noise on the TV screen, white noise. I have a strange impression of Navalny's letters from prison. The language is not political, but it is not literary either. Like the language of an invigorating schoolboy. Like two different people. I entered the prison - one, is in it - the other. Apparently, the third will come out. To have ontological identity not only with your idea, but also with your speech is a property of the subject. And a writer. And politics.

Our shaky Russian dictatorship even faded for a while behind the Kazakh events. In my opinion, there certainly was a revolution there. Classical, grassroots, for economic reasons. That is, according to those that I have been repeating for a long time. However, society is still captivated by illusions and false interpretations. What is of paramount importance now? Reliability of information. And with gigabit internet it is very difficult to know what is really going on. This applies not only to protests, but also to information work as such. Diplomatic statements appear and disappear at a rapid rate. It is definitely chaos. But bad. That is, object chaos. With the pandemic, we have seen a crisis of competence in science. And now the same thing is happening in the media and politics.

While we were tracking Kazakh intrigues, Viktor Shenderovich left Russia (recognized as a foreign agent in RF - editor's note). The pursuit did not begin yesterday. He can be attributed to the old guard of the liberals, which, it would seem, has a kind of innate immunity against any encroachment of power. However, already within a year since the arrest of Navalny, we have been observing steady signals for the strengthening of repressive practices. And this is not someone's private decision. This is depersonalized terror, left to the mercy of the bureaucracy. Depersonalized by the authorities, but not by their victims.

But where is the dictatorship for some, for others - the historical dance of macabre. Surprisingly, after so many deaths, severe illness, etc., etc., people rush on tours, cruises, revel in Courchevel or Goa (economy option). People show in every possible way that "life has not stopped." Although she just stopped, at least in its usual form. Demonstrative lovers of life value not themselves, not even life itself, but the process, a kind of its declaration. Collective farm show-off turning into suicidal behavior.

You will hardly recognize a millionaire by having breakfast next to him in a cafe somewhere in New York. Pop stars are an exception. Chic is part of their role. And only the socialist professional beggars, who have seized money, use it to demonstrate their status.

By the way, why go to Courchevel to listen to Grigory Leps? Not to mention why listen to him at all? In psychotype, behavior, tastes, manners, vocabulary - both Malakhov and Sobchak (their name is legion) are mental old women and old people, hunchbacked, crooked by someone else's everyday socialist experience, sort of genetic mutants. I would like to say about them "aunties", "uncles", as mothers (fathers) they suit us. I look at them as the local children probably looked at strange, meaningless adults acting like assholes. Yes, these adults are assholes. Be like children, and you will enter the sugar Kremlin.