Former USSR

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The ideology of the action. Will you take it? Where the new "social elevators" for young people are going
It turns out that not only the older generation is nostalgic for the USSR. Young people also do not breathe evenly to everything Soviet. VTSIOM polls never lie, do they? But if horror stories about the 90s are enough for older people, then things are more complicated with generation "Z" (those who are from 13 to 28 years old).
Myths about the beautiful past: what people who are nostalgic for the USSR do not want to remember
The Russian authorities are actively restoring Soviet practices, encouraging nostalgic moods of the people. What can all this lead to? NI launches a series of materials in which, together with historians and political scientists, we understand which of the memories of the "beautiful era" was a myth and which was reality.
Январь 2023