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They died along with the deficit. On the anniversary of the most ridiculous plane crash in the history of the USSR

They died along with the deficit. On the anniversary of the most ridiculous plane crash in the history of the USSR

7 февраля 2023, 11:46
On this day, February 7, 1981, a plane crash occurred in the city of Pushkin near Leningrad, the victims of the crash were 13 Far Eastern admirals, three generals, 11 captains of the first rank, one colonel, and in addition, the wife of the first secretary of the Primorsky Regional Committee of the CPSU.
Plane crash

Ivan Zubov

As a result, the Pacific Fleet of the USSR was completely decapitated.

The Soviet Navy did not know such losses even during the war, when in all four years it lost only four admirals.   

But the main thing is not even that, but that the cause of the tragedy was the banal overloading of the aircraft with so-called "scarce" goods, which could not be bought in any region of the country, except Moscow and Leningrad, even for such large military ranks. So they "bought" everything they could in the Northern capital. In addition, civilians were on board as passengers of the military aircraft - both military wives and their secretaries.

The Tu-104 plane crashed immediately after departure. It is known that the crew commander Anatoly Inyushin has repeatedly reported to his superiors about the constant overloads of the aircraft carrying the Far Eastern military, but there was no reaction to these complaints.

Eyewitnesses said that rolls of paper, furniture, televisions and many other goods were loaded on board. During the investigation, a hypothesis was put forward that during the take-off of the aircraft, the poorly secured or completely loose cargo shifted along the aisle of the cabin, and this entailed a "displacement of the longitudinal alignment for the extreme rear and spontaneous takeoff".

It is curious that this catastrophe has not changed anything at all in the feudal mores prevailing in Russia. The pilots still continued to follow the idiotic orders and wishes of their superiors. For example, on December 17, 1996, under similar circumstances, an AN-12BP military transport plane crashed in the Tver Region, on board of which the commander of the Leningrad Military District Sergei Seleznev and his wife were flying. In addition to them, there were also building materials for the commander's summer residence and even his personal car on board! The most terrible thing about this is that the pilots did not dare to refuse the general, and as a result they also died.