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Published 26 января 2023,, 14:14

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Don't read Soviet literature

Don't read Soviet literature

26 января 2023, 14:14
Алина Витухновская
Ideologized Soviet writers a priori cannot be good, except in cases of excessive talent on the verge of genius, like, for example, Mayakovsky.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Schoolchildren will be obliged to study the "Young Guard".

It's curious, I didn't read it at school. Well, I guess she was there, I don't remember. That is, of course, I know what this is about, why and how incompetent (I looked diagonally). But who would make me read this! Soviet literature for the most part, in principle, is unreadable. So all this is wasted labor in an effort to organize children's torture chambers. Indifference, or anti—Sovietism - that's all you will achieve. And in schools it is necessary to read Sorokin and me, so be it.

At the same time, I am offered not to condemn the unread (completely), but to plunge headlong into the delirious world of secondary Soviet literature. Of course, loading yourself with excessive information junk is a favorite activity of residents of the "most reading country in the world". Who first charged water in front of TV screens, and now guns — with their own meat.

To understand the quality of the text, it is enough to read a few pages. This speaks quite exhaustively about the author's abilities. Ideologized Soviet writers a priori cannot be good, except in cases of excessive talent on the verge of genius, like, for example, Mayakovsky. Why would a normal person in his right mind and sober memory consume propaganda, even if wrapped in an artistic wrapper? No, I'm not judging, I'm just spitting.

"I haven't read it, but I condemn it" is also a slogan from the Soviet party assembly. And what else should I read? The complete works of Lenin? "Little earth"? Watch "Irony of Fate"? Gaidai's films? Listen to Larisa Dolina, Vika Tsyganova (Alla Pugacheva, whatever)? KSP? A bard's song? The Red Banner Choir? And to polish all this with some Ilyin, softened Mamardashvili? Information must be filtered on the approach, otherwise you will drown in the flow of information garbage.

Ideologization is, alas, not only a symptom of the Soviet era. Now we are again dealing with ideologization, though very strained, unnatural. On the other hand, now is the time when it is necessary to determine positions, to clearly understand which side you are on. In addition to the authors who clearly articulate their anti-systemic position and pro-government writers, with whom, in principle, everything is clear, there is a most interesting stratum of authors behaving "as if nothing had happened." Not a word about politics, not a hint of views. So they go to their litvechers, which are becoming less crowded and more boring. So they are published more for show than for the reader, because everyone is not up to it. Feeding on God's dew mixed with vodka, "uncertain" and undecided people literally fascinate with this cross between Soviet greyhound and naivety. They walk through the haze, through the fog of a political inferno with a declaration of some disgusting simplicity of their own being.

Here, non-involvement should be considered as a form of shamelessness, mental deviation. Serenely reading your poems about nothing during a world catastrophe is about as defiantly disgusting as walking naked through the streets. The second amazing layer of the uninvolved is the workers of beauty salons, various hairdressers—manicurists. No matter how you go to them, they purr something with detachment and fascination, but this is a heavenly purr, because it organically intertwines with the apocalypse, like an outrageous blonde in Trier's "Melancholy".

Yesterday, a photo of the propagandist writer H. appeared in social networks. in a penguin pose with a face distorted from parochial megalomania. The local megalomania is a kind of neurosis of big show—offs, turning into a complex. Greatness within the framework of system maintenance is basically impossible. Well, where has it been seen — a majestic lackey! Therefore, the whole neurosis is inevitably reflected on the face. We must always portray arrogant arrogance, status, hierarchy. Whereas in the current Russian Federation-AI — marginals are all. Well, or almost everything. Marginals and provincials. So, the propagandist's photo was exposed by one of the uninvolved. At the same time, she proudly flaunts "No" on her avatar. So "No" or "Yes"? Connecting rods, subjectless, undecided, with a schizoid pendulum inside itself, which dangles faster and faster, finally killing the remnants of reason.

Behind all this environment, an implicit, but oppressive background, there is a crowd of demonic moralists. I am equally disgusted by the clamorous tantrums about the "builders of the Reich", which are reduced to the collectivist socialist concept of universal guilt, and velvety, sugary, sly talk about the need for dialogues and attempts to "understand" the direct accomplices of the dictatorship.

The problem of the current RF-AI has gone so deep that it can only be solved by radical technical means. Moralistic maxims not only do not solve the problem, but only aggravate it. They allow quasi-ideology to use them as a bogey to justify revanchist sentiments. Don't expect anything from the Russian people. At least for now. In his current state, he doesn't solve anything. This is an empty political substance. There are individuals, but there are no people. And in order for it to ever become a full-fledged political nation, it is necessary to disconnect its puppeteers from financial support.

The fact that intellectuals and political scientists did not defend freedom and did not claim power, being content with the role of court servants, led to the fact that we have tyranny at the exit. Moreover, some of those who actually created the system in the noughties now simply suggest that we accept "everything as it is", calling what happened an inevitable historical misunderstanding. Now their passion is reflection, presented as analysis — "Democratic transformations in Russia are impossible because ..." Within the framework of this a priori anti—political trend, the best they can count on is the role of gauleiters in external governance. That is, for the worst and insignificant. But what about us? And we are not like that. We are counting on the best. Democracy is possible in Russia. And the very idea that democracy is impossible in Russia, voiced by educated people with democratic and liberal views, is more dangerous than all neo-Eurasianism combined. This is the notorious "third way" to hell.