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Figures of the day: $26 trillion and 39 million people lost to the USSR in the 1941-1945 war

Figures of the day: $26 trillion and 39 million people lost to the USSR in the 1941-1945 war

22 июня 2023, 10:14
Experts have recalculated in modern prices the damage caused to the Soviet Union by the Second World War.

82 years after the day of the Nazi invasion of the USSR on June 22, 1941, experts «Equality. Media» decided to once again calculate the losses incurred by our country for almost four years of the bloodiest war in the history of mankind. The journalists took as a basis the methodology of recounting, which was adopted at the time by the court of St. Petersburg, considering the case of recognizing the blockade of Leningrad as a genocide of the Soviet people. One of the experts of the court, associate professor of St. Petersburg State University Yuri Guzov admitted that then the recalculation was carried out taking into account the value of gold. By the way, according to the same principle, the military losses (3 million citizens and $2.3 trillion) were estimated by the Prosecutor General's Office of Belarus, which recognized the invasion of the Nazi troops into the republic as genocide.

Initially, the amount of damage was calculated by the USSR State Commission in September 1945, and it turned out to be equal to 679 billion rubles (at current prices — $ 6.9 trillion), and the USSR's defense and development costs amounted to another 1890 billion rubles. (today — $19 trillion).

Human losses in the USSR are estimated by Rosstat at 39.3 million people, and 30 million of them are civilians.

Total losses consist of:

9.2 — killed at the front;

7.4 — exterminated intentionally;

2.2 — those killed in forced labor;

6.6 — supermortality under occupation;

13.9 — losses from falling birth rate

Journalists also report that the contribution of the USSR to the victory was huge: seven of the eight soldiers of Hitler's army were destroyed on the Eastern Front.

Probably, these calculations were made in order to present a claim for damages to modern Germany. It is believed that she paid only 3-4% of the real amount.