Posted 24 января 2022, 06:27

Published 24 января 2022, 06:27

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On January 26, the Pope proposed to hold a Day of Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

24 января 2022, 06:27
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During a traditional Sunday sermon in front of the faithful in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis proposed a Day of Prayer for Peace due to the escalation of the conflict near the Ukrainian borders. The pontiff stressed that this could "call into question the security of the European continent".

“It is with great concern that I follow the growing tension, which threatens to deal a new blow to the world in Ukraine and call into question the security of the European continent. I call on all people of good will to pray to the Almighty so that every action and political initiative serves human brotherhood more than personal interests”, - the pontiff said during the sermon.

According to TASS, the Pope invited all believers to hold a Day of Prayer for Peace on January 26 because of the situation around Ukraine.

At the end of December, the Pope of Rome, during his congratulatory speech in honor of the celebration of Christmas, called for preventing the growth of tension in the south-east of Ukraine, and also expressed hope for a peaceful settlement of the conflict.