Posted 1 февраля 2022,, 11:36

Published 1 февраля 2022,, 11:36

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Clouds of the new Middle Ages: the Russian Orthodox Church proposed to close sex shops

1 февраля 2022, 11:36
Speaking against "sexual promiscuity" in a secular society, churchmen somehow bashfully forget about what is happening in their midst.

As you know, the head of the Synodal Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeev), proposed to ban sex shops, calling them "legalized debauchery." He literally stated the following:

“The position of the church on all these issues is very clear and very unambiguous. We oppose sexual promiscuity, we oppose debauchery in all its forms. (...) Unfortunately (!!), we cannot force (!) the state authorities to close such stores or regulate the signs that are on them, or the advertising that is on them”.

These words caused ferment in social networks: how to perceive the statement of a person who is considered a relatively liberal figure in the ROC. Publicist Nikolay Podosokorsky writes:

“It seems to me that the point here is not at all that Hilarion in such a funny way prefers to promote himself in the struggle for the patriarchal dignity (this is his personal matter), and not that, as it were, the entire Russian Orthodox Church, on his behalf, expresses its position on sex. shops (this is her internal affair). Causes rejection of another.

That is, the key here is a burning desire to be able to "force the authorities" to introduce mandatory requirements for all citizens at the slightest request of the Russian Orthodox Church. This is no longer related to caring for your flock (after all, not only parishioners of the Russian Orthodox Church live in the country) - this is a direct encroachment on secular power. Obviously, Hilarion himself does not believe in the effectiveness of his "spiritual" instructions, but he believes in the prohibitive power of the state, and he really wants to take part in legal prohibitions. All this, of course, testifies to the degradation of the episcopate, which in recent years has become accustomed to solving its affairs exclusively through secular authorities and security officials.

Unfortunately, the historical experience of the 20th century did not teach them anything. No one can be saved from sin by brute external force, but violence, fear and hypocrisy can only be multiplied. God did not give a person freedom so that Hilarion would take it away with the help of the FSB, the secular court and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This, by the way, applies to everything in general, and not just some sex shops, foreign cartoons and other things that the Russian Orthodox Church advocates for a complete ban.”

Analyst Andrei Kravchuk believes that the problem is not in the Russian Orthodox Church, but in Orthodoxy in general:

“This is a fundamental problem not of a specific ROC, but of Orthodoxy as such. All Orthodox churches are ultra-conservative by the standards of the modern world. Everyone sees the ideal in the Roman/Byzantine Empire, everyone yearns for a "symphony" - i.e. merger with the state.

"If in some country the Orthodox Church does not perceive itself as the Ministry of Piety of the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation), this only means that the authorities of this country for some reason (their own liberality or the insignificance of the Orthodox community) ignore this passionate desire…"

Writer Sergey Besedin approached the problem from a different angle:

“In words, of course, the holy fathers oppose sexual promiscuity, but in reality they are somehow very much in favor of it. For example, Hieromonk Kliment (Korablev), rector of the parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Asekeyevsky district of the Orenburg region, was found guilty in September last year under three articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (part 3 of article 132, paragraph b, part 4 of article 132 and part 1 151) associated with minors under 14 years of age. The hieromonk received 13 years in prison in a strict regime colony. His more eminent neighbor in the Orenburg Metropolis, Archpriest Nikolay Stremsky, has been under investigation in a pre-trial detention center for two years now. Once upon a time, church media promoted his image as the founder of the Saraktash Abode of Mercy and a loving father of dozens of adopted children. The monastery was visited by Vladimir Putin. Now Father Nikolay has been charged under paragraph b of part 4 of Art. 131 (rape), part 3 of Art. 135 (lewd acts), Art. 156 (failure to fulfill the obligations of raising a minor) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. According to the investigation, 11 children suffered from his actions. About 500 (!!!) million rubles were arrested on the accounts of the archpriest. As they say, the censer is spinning - the laveha is turbid.

There are already dozens, if not hundreds, of such cases. They say that the Investigative Committee has already created a whole department dedicated to pedophiles and perverts in cassocks. But the holy fathers prefer not to talk about themselves.

And these people, as in a bearded joke, will forbid us to pick our noses! In addition, the matter is clearly not limited to the closure of sex shops. Give the priests a finger - they will bite off the whole hand. Contraceptives will be banned tomorrow. The day after tomorrow it will be proclaimed that sex can be practiced only for the purpose of procreation. The day after tomorrow they will leave only the missionary position from the allowed positions. And a little later, in all seriousness, they will begin to develop all sorts of ridiculous recommendations, like Iranian theoretic mullahs. Let me remind you that the wise men from Iran were asked the question: is it possible to forgive the sin of copulation between an unmarried man and woman? And in what case? The experts of the Koran puffed up for a long time, thought, conferred, and finally issued their verdict. Yes, they said, such circumstances exist (just don't laugh too hard!) Suppose a man lives on the floor above, and a woman lives on the floor below. An earthquake starts. The woman's ceiling collapses. And a man gets an erection from fear (honestly, I'm not inventing anything). With this very erection, the man falls on the woman, that's where everything happens.

However, in vain I give ideas to the holy fathers. Still grab, look at that.

It must be said, however, that priests in the Middle East, where even bare ankles are not allowed to be shown to women, are no less, if not more, hypocritical than ours. Having sex outside of marriage is haram, forbidden. But if you really want to, then you can. For this, for example, in Iraq (not to be confused with Iran; although in this case it is not difficult to confuse) there is the institution of mut'a - a temporary "marriage for pleasure", which can last only an hour or two, and for which it is not a sin to use even girls who played with dolls yesterday. The BBC did its own investigation on the subject and interviewed undercover Mullah Said Raad of Baghdad.

When a journalist asked him if a "marriage of pleasure" with a child was acceptable, the answer was: "Just make sure she doesn't lose her virginity".

"You can caress her, lie with her, touch her body, her breasts... You can't enter her from the front, but anal sex is acceptable," the mullah added. When asked what would happen if the girl got hurt, he shrugged his shoulders: "Will she be able to endure the pain - it will remain between you".

A cleric from Karbala named Sheikh Salavi was asked by a journalist if he could make a mut'a with a 12-year-old girl. "Yes, from nine and older - there are no problems here. According to Sharia, this is not a problem," Salavi replied.

Here is a living example of how feigned piety ends. The more modest and decent everything is outside, the more disgusting ulcers are hidden inside.

The priests really do not like it when, with their charter, they climb into their monastery. But why do they themselves do it with such zeal? There have already been periods in history, for example, after the Hellenic history with its cult of a beautiful naked body, when the clouds of the Middle Ages were gathering and every beautiful woman was declared a witch.

The new Middle Ages are already beginning in Russia: compatriots are ready to attack neighboring countries for no reason, they believe that omicrons are sprayed from the air, and Rothschild rules the world. The closure of sex shops and the banning of abortion fit into this paradigm.

As Ilf and Petrov said, “Give such a hallelujah citizen free rein, and he will even put on a burqa on men, and in the morning he will play hymns and psalms on the trumpet, believing that in this way it is necessary to help build socialism”.

After writing these lines, 90 years have passed, and the citizens of Hallelujah have finally received their will.