Posted 2 марта 2022,, 07:27

Published 2 марта 2022,, 07:27

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Social media: where Russia's economic isolation will lead to

Social media: where Russia's economic isolation will lead to

2 марта 2022, 07:27
The blogosphere is seriously alarmed: the isolation of Russia from the world community will overthrow it into a seemingly distant and almost forgotten Soviet past.

On this occasion, the popular actor Gennady Smirnov shares his valuable knowledge acquired in life in the USSR with the younger generation:

"Due to what seems to be an inevitable economic collapse, I am very worried about our youth. We will only remember the old skills, but who will teach them, for example, how to properly put a newspaper at the bottom of the trash can? Or, more importantly, to cut this newspaper into the right squares and then zhamkat without tearing?

To wash plastic bags and in no case to dry them over gas? To grate laundry soap? To carefully pour clean water over boiled and discarded pasta so that it does not stick together? To darn? To sew cotton to gauze?

Do they even know that the meat from the broth for the first needs to be cooked for the second? Did they see a soldering iron and a box of rosin?

We will all pay for this war. But someone must pass on our sacred knowledge and skills to new generations of Komsomol members.

PS Yes, humor, or at least an attempt, helps to cope with horror.

Political scientist Ilya Grashchenkov hopes that the country's leadership will have the skills to prevent the most dangerous, North Korean scenario:

“Therefore, not even the image, but the contours of the future are in high demand now - how can the country live on? Political parties that take patriotic positions only give a general idea, like "don't be afraid, somehow." Obviously, the Communist Party will try to offer a model for a return to a planned economy instead of a market one.

The "war economy" requires a drastic restructuring of all economic principles. On the other hand, there is the opposite option, to give the national economy the opportunity to develop without any restrictions.

So the political forces should now offer their own models of a way out of the situation so that the process of “iranization” of Russia proceeds in a positive way, and not like North Korea…”

Journalist Roman Super shares his own experience of how things are today in North Korea itself:

“I was in a country where cars and smartphones are not sold, which is disconnected from Swift, which has its own intranet instead of the Internet, the sky above which is open to only a few countries. It's called North Korea. A place on the map, heavily sanctioned up and down.

Two pictures struck me the most on that trip.

  1. The majestic skyscrapers of Pyongyang, resting on the very clouds. Black smoke was coming out of some of the windows. What kind of smoke, I wondered? It’s cold, they answered me: people are warming themselves.
  2. Young people flocking in the evenings like may beetles under the city street lights. What are they doing here? They read books, study. Electricity is turned off at home to save money.

It doesn't matter how you call what is happening now in Ukraine - an occupation in .... or a special operation to protect the Russian-speaking population.

In Russia, everyone will suffer equally from this tragedy, political beliefs do not matter. It doesn't matter whether the North Koreans love or curse their Kim: poverty and isolation are guaranteed to everyone without exception.

A special operation is also being carried out here - in Moscow, Orsk, Chelyabinsk, Kaliningrad, Sochi and other Russian cities. Our future is being erased with every rocket fired not at us. We'll figure it out very soon".

But journalist Igor Shulika believes that in some respects, Russia will have even worse than North Korea:

“And so you understand, if Russia is expelled from FIFA, then there will be no problem with either FAN ID, or with legionnaires, or with anything else football.

The fact is that the Russian Championship will be equal in status to the Championship of the DPR or Abkhazia, that is, an amateur championship. Of course, no legionnaires.

Everyone who can will go anywhere, up to Armenia and Kazakhstan and even Uzbekistan. And veterans will be able to play, and you won't get lost either. Then everything will go with a domino effect - hockey, basketball, etc. Incidentally, North Korea is a member of international sports federations.

In addition, no one thought how the sanctions would affect the sphere of television rights. That is, if nothing from foreign sports is shown in Russia at all, I won’t be surprised”.