Posted 4 марта 2022,, 10:54

Published 4 марта 2022,, 10:54

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Encroaching on the sacred. Israel will take away the Alexander Compound in Jerusalem from Russia

Encroaching on the sacred. Israel will take away the Alexander Compound in Jerusalem from Russia

4 марта 2022, 10:54
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The Jerusalem court canceled the registration of the rights of the Russian Federation to the Compound, which is located next to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Another unpleasant news for Russia came from Israel: on March 3, the judge of the Jerusalem District Court Mordechai Kaduri decided to cancel the registration of rights to the Alexander Compound in the Old City of Jerusalem for the Russian Federation.

The Alexander Compound is located in the Old City of Jerusalem, just tens of meters from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. After 1948, when the Old City was under Jordanian rule, the compound came under the control of the Russian Orthodox Society of the Holy Land, or IOPS. After the split in this organization, the courtyard began to be managed by the Vorontsov-Hoffmann group, and not by the Russian version of the IOPS. Now, apparently, the Compound remains with the Palestinian Society, headed by Nikolai Vorontsov. The Israeli government will make the final decision.

In all likelihood, the battle waged by the Russian embassy in Israel for many years does not seem to be won by them. Whether this decision is connected with the growing international boycott of Russia in connection with the special operation in Ukraine, or whether it simply coincided in time, is not reported.

Fortunately, not everything Russian is obstructed in Israel. Thus, the Israeli Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem asked the United States not to impose sanctions against the oligarch Roman Abramovich.

The corresponding letter was sent to the US Ambassador to Israel on February 6, shortly after reports appeared that Western countries were ready to impose personal sanctions against major Russian businessmen in the event of an invasion of Ukraine.

The authors of the letter highly appreciated Abramovich's contribution to charity in Israel and expressed the opinion that his inclusion in the sanctions lists "will negatively affect Israel and the Jewish world".