Posted 6 мая 2022,, 17:57

Published 6 мая 2022,, 17:57

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Veterans will be able to use a taxi for free until the end of the year

Veterans will be able to use a taxi for free until the end of the year

6 мая 2022, 17:57
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The Ministry of Digital Development, together with regional authorities and carriers, has prepared a program for veterans of the Great Patriotic War, which allows them to use taxi services free of charge until the end of the year.

The program is already running. You can use it regardless of the purpose of the trip. Veterans may be accompanied by their relatives. Each veteran will be compensated for paying a taxi in the amount of up to three thousand rubles, according to the message of the Ministry of Digital Development.

Since May 6, the program has been launched in the Moscow Region and 42 other Russian cities. Until June 10, it will be launched in all regions where you can use taxi services.

The report notes that up to 26,000 veterans of the Second World War, as well as military personnel of the last military conscription during the war years and people who worked with air defense systems during the war years, will be able to use this service.

In order to use the service, it is necessary to transfer the telephone number of the veteran or his official representative to the Pension Fund. After that, the number will be transferred to the regional social security authorities. This number will be used for identification in the Veteran fare. You can order a taxi in social security. The social security officer will indicate the route in his personal account, after which an SMS will be sent to the veteran’s phone with the time the car was delivered and its license plate number.