Posted 11 мая 2022,, 11:44

Published 11 мая 2022,, 11:44

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Rosenbaum: "I understand all the reasons, and I'm on my ship, I don't leave my ship"

11 мая 2022, 11:44
In an interview on the Empathy of Manuchi YouTube channel, People's Artist of Russia Alexander Rosenbaum shared his thoughts on what is happening between Russia and Ukraine, what people are feeling now, and also explained why he did not cancel his anniversary tour.

“People don't know how to live. Hopes are much greater than before, for the happy years of the future. Therefore, of course, the mood of the public today is special.

Today people are, of course, in sufficient discord. They don't understand... But how can one understand? Even now I don't fully understand...

I understand that the world is striving for the best, but today we don’t have to think about it yet...

There are hopes... But hopes are not always fulfilled quickly. And in general - they are not always fulfilled.

Therefore, people today naturally live in hope for the best.

Why he continues to perform

Because in today's situation, people should do their job well.

Some talk, sharp, they are possible. Everyone has their own attitude towards everything.

But it seems to me that today we still need to rely on what is called love, the beauty of the human soul, love for a person.

This has been sorely lacking for many years, especially today.

Politics is one thing, geopolitics is another, and universal is a third.

People today do not need concerts, not entertainment... Someone may need entertainment, but this is his own business, but I think that people today need a conversation. Honest conversation. There are a lot of lies. Lots of lies and innuendo.

Therefore, you need to talk to people, speak out, tell everything that is in your soul, share it if it is accepted by people.

No one has canceled the truth and human relations to each other.

I have a big tragedy in my heart right now.

Because all my life I have been talking about the fact that I am a man of the Soviet Union, and for me Ukraine is part of my homeland.

All my father's genealogy is all from Ukraine.

I spent all my childhood and half of my adolescence in Ukraine, in the Vinnitsa region.

Therefore, for me, Ukraine is not a foreign state, but for me, Ukraine is part of my homeland.

And Russia is my home.

Therefore, what is happening now is a colossal human tragedy for me.

I understand the reasons. I watch everything from Belovezhskaya Pushcha, I am not a little boy, and I see everything. But, nevertheless, for me, any unfortunate Ukrainian woman with two or three children, hiding in the basement, is my sister, or daughter with my grandchildren, and so on and so forth. These people are not strangers to me.

And for me it is the worst injury. Spiritual.

Although once again I say that I perfectly understand the reasons for what is happening.

My genetic memory and my self-awareness hates the swastika and fascism. My entire paternal line in the Chernihiv region died at the hands of the Nazis. Nobody canceled the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust. And so on and so forth.

And I know history very well. Therefore: I see and understand the reasons, but this does not negate my colossal completely, heartfelt and spiritual pain for what is happening.

And from the stage I say exactly the same thing. A smart person understands everything correctly. I don't need to say anything else.

About the colleagues who left Russia

Everyone can have their own opinion. This is his own business. Is it close to me? I'm on my ship. I don't abandon my ship.

I want to do it on my ship so that the whole crew understands that I am on my ship, and if I don’t like something here, I do it on the ship, and not by switching to a boat that is more convenient for me.

Therefore, I am at home, I am in Leningrad. And if something does not suit me, then I will talk about it, sitting here. Not anywhere. Once again, I'm not judging anyone. This is a personal matter. But there is a position that is close to me, and there is one that is not very close to me.

People who turned around sharply - did they see the reasons for what happened? I have seen this reason since 1991, I'm insisting”.

The entire interview with Alexander Rosenbaum can be viewed here.