Posted 11 мая 2022,, 07:58

Published 11 мая 2022,, 07:58

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Yekaterinburg is covered by the smog from the fires

Yekaterinburg is covered by the smog from the fires

11 мая 2022, 07:58
In most areas of Yekaterinburg, strong smog and the smell of burning were established. May 11-12 in the Sverdlovsk region in the extreme southeast there will be a high and extremely fire danger.

According to TASS, cloudy weather and rain are expected in the regional center on Wednesday, the air will warm up to 17 degrees.

Smog, about which local residents complain en masse, was formed due to a forest fire in the neighboring Berezovsky urban district. Firefighters managed to localize the fire on an area of 62 hectares. Fire does not threaten settlements.

As a reminder, the fire-fighting regime has been in force in the region since April 30.

It should be noted that eight people died as a result of fires in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Today, three people were detained in connection with the incident - employees of the RossetiSibir branches.