Posted 24 мая 2022,, 11:53

Published 24 мая 2022,, 11:53

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“That same spittoon”: mascara “Leningradskaya” returned to cosmetics stores

“That same spittoon”: mascara “Leningradskaya” returned to cosmetics stores

24 мая 2022, 11:53
The bestseller of the era of stagnation is on the shelves of modern Russia.

Mascara "Leningrad" is remembered by anyone who found the Brezhnev USSR. In the cosmetic bags of women who did not have access to the Lancome currency, she was the same indispensable component as the Red Moscow perfume and the Ballet cream. This can be seen in the first frames of "Office Romance", when employees of an average research institute preen themselves in the morning at their workplaces.

A woman was supposed to spit into a cardboard box with the mascara (that's why people called this mascara "spittoon") and to poke around the black bar lying there with a plastic brush. On the eyelashes, the mascara created the effect of spider paws, so some women separated the lumps with a needle. Brrr! But the worst thing was to get into this mascara in the rain - it left dirty streaks on her face and shamelessly pinched her eyes.

In the 1990s, when Western cosmetics began to be imported to Russia, Leningradskaya disappeared from stores and seemed to have sunk into oblivion. But no! All this time, as it turned out, she continued to produce and even had her admirers. The Grim factory, which has been producing it since 1935, has not changed its design for 90 years: the same flimsy cardboard box, nor the composition of its bestseller: soap, stearin, beeswax, ceresin, vaseline oil, fragrance, soot (!). And now this cult thing is experiencing a new moment of glory, having migrated from dubious stalls in underground passages to online stores and cosmetics networks: recently, you can buy Leningradskaya mascara at Golden Apple, Ozone and Wildberries. Price - from 90 rubles apiece to 300 rubles for four.

Potential buyers who suddenly discovered this specter of socialism in L'Etoile, among Dior and Helena Rubinstein are discussing the discovery on social networks.

- Oh, how familiar it is!!! I used it in 70-80, such a nostalgia! “Soon we'll use coal as an eyeliner and we'll blush cheeks with beetroot. Well, why not - all is natural "

- I bought - there is an excellent comb for eyelashes in the kit. "Spit and grind" - this is our future, and soon.

A search on the Internet showed that the Leningradskaya mascara has quite a few fans who talk about its merits and share life hacks for applying.

- The same legendary mascara from the USSR, created in 1947, with soap and soot, is even cheaper than Fix Price mascara! We paint eyes like our mothers and grandmothers!

- The composition of the mascara is generally cool :) Hard, but almost without any chemistry :) Soap, soot - beauty:)” “The composition of the original should only be SUCH (Mascara is faked)

- Life hack from my grandmother. Take boiling water (for example, in a glass), dip a brush in it and start, while the brush is warm, to carry it over the carcasses. Then paint your eyelashes. The effect is amazing! Due to the fact that the mascara is in a warm state, it is even more obedient and better applied.

- Please note that there are no harmful ingredients in the bar, which are so feared by admirers of everything natural. So for those young ladies who have skin reactions to parabens, our grandmothers' mascara may be suitable.