Posted 30 июня 2022,, 11:25

Published 30 июня 2022,, 11:25

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"Russian soul" as a result of an inhuman experiment

30 июня 2022, 11:25
Алина Витухновская
Now, when the global tragedy of the 20th century is repeated, they again want to impose on us love as a universal remedy, and an excess of feelings as castor oil. I am sure that such proposals are a return to socialism.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Post-Soviet man consists of compromises and adaptations, which inevitably lead to neurosis and deep personal deformation. I often wrote about “bad” and “good” infantilism. Some “teenageness” is still a way not to succumb to this. Also in politics, there are times when it is worth following the childish principle of “my way or no way” and shove in a straight line, instead of making endless hysterical zigzags, trying to “be rescued” or please everyone. I don't like the life (sic!) offered here enough to humiliate myself. I don't love the life here (sic!) as much as I love myself and my ideas and goals.

A number of political scientists, trying to remain optimistic, paint pictures of political reality in soft, light colors. From a complete fiasco on the line of military contact to economic confusion, in the long run beneficial to everyone. But in fact, in a period of general turbulence, we are entering a gray zone. Literally. There are no white or black scripts in it. Not even a landing pad for "black swans". The system is trying to find ways to somehow steer in order to stabilize its internal state. For in the external arena, it has already brought maximum destruction. Also, the system has completely exhausted its semantic and ideological potential. Making decisions in the gray zone is extremely difficult. A bowstring pulled too far, breaking loose, runs the risk of hitting the shooter himself.

However, in addition to the bowstring of the systemic bow, the nerves of the public were also strained. Feelings are the primary way most people (but not all!) interact with reality. But feelings, especially of modern man, are blunted. Which is more good than bad. From this point of view, attempts by pseudo-humanistic psychologists from the beginning of the 20th century to this day to demand from us an excess of feelings are surprising, while simultaneously turning them into manipulated neuroses. Thus, people have difficulty distinguishing between what they really feel and what is externally orchestrated reflection. I observe entire social strata with absolutely programmed, deterministic reactions.

Now, when the global tragedy of the 20th century is repeated, they again want to impose on us love as a universal remedy, and an excess of feelings as castor oil. I am sure that such proposals are a return to socialism. But modern man is focused on material success, social status, intellectual development and progress, and not on endless reflection.

Historical tragedies happen not only for economic reasons, but also as a kind of unconscious sacrifice. Just in order to feed the existential matrix with the capital of meaningless feelings. The only cure for this terrible samsaric practice is rationality. Where there is an excess of feelings, there is always destruction, poverty, death. Exactly so, and not vice versa, as pseudo-humanists suggest.

All these psychological and psychoanalytic ritual games around love as a "sacred" value are monstrously primitive, one-dimensional and totalitarian. The very a priori statement about the need of each (!) Person in love is totalitarian. If we are honest, we will agree that even a child does not need love, but care. That is, in those bonuses that love gives. In its secondary benefits. To say that a modern adult wants to be profitable (!) Rather than loved is considered bad manners. That is why pseudo-humanism turned out to be unviable, because it is based on absolutely false premises.

It is quite appropriate to put in a row such profane concepts as "love" - on the one hand, and "fascism" - on the other. These are two overrated fictions. One emotional, the other political. However, by and large - both emotional and both political. Two false managerial constructs. One to motivate. Another to scare. But the problem is that in the post-informational (that is, after the postmodern), these managerial schemes no longer work. The masses are disoriented and live in an absolutely distorted, false, dictated world. Therefore, only gray zones are formed inside the social delirium.

It is archaic and naive to see the desire for power as simply a desire to dominate. Power is the original (ontological) message, multiplied by the possibility of owning a resource (for materialists), and in principle and in the long term - being itself. The thirst for power does not stem from complexes, as the socially humiliated majority would like to believe. It has nothing to do with gender, gender, which will soon lose their identity, dissolve completely. By the way, modern feminism, if you dig deep, is not “upholding rights”, but, first of all, the cry of the disappearing sex. Well, the outdated "metaphysical greed" can be replaced with a passion for the resource. Literally, the desire to be soldered into the resource.

In the future, the desire for power (metaphysical greed, as I called it), adapting to the situation, will do without a person at all. Here every dictatorship will, of course, be hampered by appealing to the masses. I already wrote that tyrannies are complimentary to man, they are man-centered, albeit in a monstrous form. Modernist dictatorships place the individual at the center and therefore have a latent attraction for the victims.

Here it is necessary to think not as intellectuals, humanitarians, but as mechanisms. The resource is the only purpose of power. A resource is not for the sake of achieving certain goals (this is again idealism and modernity!), but a resource for the sake of a resource. Plus absolute functionality and life extension. All. Simple things. Therefore, analyzing the current systemic revenge, I come to the conclusion that it could have been carried out without any ideology. But it so happened that bureaucrats and ideologues met and decided to use each other. For everything that the system cannot control here and now, it postpones for later. Literally like a crow that cannot eat a large piece of cheese and therefore hides it in a secluded place.

Now considering the same Yuzhinsky circle in the context of modern history, I understand that this reservoir of madness was patronized by the totalitarian state in order to generate lower energies, literally what is at the bottom. Therefore, the expression "They knocked from the bottom" should be considered as a political meme. This does not in the least detract from the talents of the people involved in this circle, primarily Mamleyev and Dudinsky, but it demonstrates how cynical totalitarianism can be in its desire to control any form of manifestation of consciousness, even with a negative value (namely, insanity). Simply put, in the secret laboratory of Yuzhinsky, the so-called. the Russian soul (also, in fact, an invented managerial construct, but more on that separately) and the results of the experiment were applied to the entire country. And now we see the consequences.