Posted 18 июля 2022, 12:14

Published 18 июля 2022, 12:14

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Beware of Russophobes! A website has been created that assesses the degree of friendliness to Russia

18 июля 2022, 12:14
Фото: Василий Ложкин
The new project, as conceived by its creator, should help Russian tourists choose a country for travel with the least risk to their dignity.

The former mayor of Arkhangelsk Alexander Donskoy presented a new tourist service called "Russophobolocator". This, according to its inventor, "unique service" contains a map of the world and two lists: one "friendly" to Russia countries, the other, respectively, "unfriendly", and both lists are ranked according to the degree of friendliness / unfriendliness of the inhabitants of these countries to "Great Russia". ". For example, Belarus is best friends with Russia, in which 92% of the inhabitants are delighted with their Slavic brothers, and only 8% are not. The list of “friends” is closed by distant African Namibia, where as many as 2% of the local residents love Russians, and 1% do not like them! Probably, the rest simply do not know anything about Russia.

The list of “enemies” is, of course, opened by Ukraine (97% against 3% of amateurs), and closed by Liechtenstein, in which the picture is the opposite of the Namibian one: 2% are against us, and 1% are for us!

From all this data, only one conclusion can be drawn: they are delusional. Which, however, does not bother the author. It's worth reminding that he recently came up with another similar initiative - the creation of the Russian Cola drink, on the label of which the Virgin appeared for some reason. Perhaps in heaven she already drinks something like that.

According to Donskoy, this service will allow its visitors to "assess the risks of their trip". The author named Belarus, Serbia, Slovakia, Afghanistan, Syria and Turkmenistan as the best travel countries. As they say, smart is enough...