Posted 19 августа 2022,, 13:11

Published 19 августа 2022,, 13:11

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Communism in reverse

19 августа 2022, 13:11
Алина Витухновская
An agenda based on self-flagellation and the idea of the absence of Russians as subjects of history is, in essence, a pro-government agenda, only with the opposite sign.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

The habitual picture of reality rested on the inertia of being and the illusions of the masses. But inertia has turned into a sinister machine. Illusions have expired. Mass perceptions of reality fall off like pollen from a butterfly's wings. And therefore, a variety of ideas and theories are used, up to the most desperate and insane.

So, for example, journalist Ksenia L. issued a provocative note that provoked a seething in society. Ksenia wrote:

“It seems to me that the biggest mistake of Russians, Russians, is that we do not realize that we are not. We broadcast, prance in front of the cameras, wit, bully our interlocutors, talk about the usefulness and harmfulness of Russia, express dissatisfaction, hysteria around Schengen visas, the abolition of Russian culture and other “Russophobia”, demand respect for civil rights... But we do not realize the main thing: we are no more . We are not only outside the legal field, we are outside the field of humanity. We must accept it. And every Russian himself, personally, will defend his right to be a man. No one is obligated to help us." I want to note that the very trend “We are not”, “there are no Russians” appeared long before the sad February events of this year. Here and there, intellectual provocateurs threw this idea into the masses. And, it seemed to me, and now I am almost sure that this is not an existential, but a purely political message".

Another thing is how it is perceived, how it works. In fact, “we are not here” is collectivism and communism in reverse. Or "Nothing-Communism". Moreover, there would be more collectivist fools, pioneers and Komsomol members here, such a destructive agenda could become a reality. Self-destruction of the hunted masses under the hysterics of hysterics and the cries of penitent sinners. The seventh part of the land disappears in the open semantic abyss, and then drags away the rest of existence. For any destruction in the global world entails even greater destruction. Eduard von Hartmann, applauding, turns over in his grave.

Political slogans should not be destructive. Destruction is anti-politics. The agenda based on emotional lability, self-flagellation and the idea of the absence of Russians as subjects of history is, in essence, a pro-government agenda, only with the opposite sign. Why? Because these ideas are absolutely counter-revolutionary. They call to accept everything as it is and leave everything as it is. Just a gift of power.

And how do those who for years were forced to run in circles with white ribbons, balloons and flashlights feel now? Even when it was obvious that there was no trace of glamorous authoritarianism, and Rossiyushka was all pure dictatorship? When even I wrote: “Stop, fools, do not substitute in vain!” But Lenya from Zurich said that "the government is as weak as ever"? And now other Lenis from other Zurichs write to them: “Why didn’t you leave? All this time (!) you served the dictatorship!” Everything you wanted to know about the difference between a prison and a hotel but were afraid to ask.

Being inside the global economic and political agreement (no, I am not a supporter of conspiracy theories, but here in many respects “it happened so”), hostages of clumsy semantic paradigms, managerial constructs - from Christianity to Buddhism and Soviet science fiction (!) seek and find sinister meanings, signs of fate, biblical background and other theatrical rubbish. They do not notice that the provincial scenery has faded and is falling apart. As well as the fact that not only the semantic, but also the physical mousetrap around them closes forever. At the same time, they see karmic justice in their own suffering, but do not notice that everything is ok with the pro-government. That the visa regime is limited to the Russians, but the perpetrators of what is happening are swaggering in the wild, and the opposition is sitting in prison. Further everywhere.

Anyone can attack people. What, in fact, almost everyone is doing now, including politicians. Whereas a politician should be a people's advocate. Those who bring out the darkness, and do not aggravate it.

I understand that it is difficult for many now to maintain clarity of mind and spiritual sobriety. During the saga with Afghanistan, personnel losses not related to hostilities reached up to 15%. It's only official. People naturally went crazy. Given that the Soviet and post-Soviet people are a priori mentally unstable, which was an additional factor in insanity. The most important thing during global upheavals is to maintain rationality and common sense. Which, alas, is difficult even for those who do not participate in active actions.

Sober-minded cynics complain about predictability, repetitiveness, and even boredom. This is how they see the “new mass madness”. They think madness is interesting, they think there is something behind it. No, madness is boring, unaesthetic, like a sticky jellyfish or a dirty fly. They thought “genuine life” was something existentially incredible, but it turned out (and I warned) it was blood and guts. All those bleak howls against the modern world, all those contorted, neurotic, guitar-driven "the plastic world has won" - what was that? Nothing more than the cries of the insane. The modern world with the notorious consumer society (a cliché and a common place, too, but ...) - in fact, there was (and is) a better world. Not the kingdom of "God", but the kingdom of the subject. A glamorous subject, in a little car with a cat. And not the bearded, ugly, awkward dog-heads with their spiritual chimeras and the persistent smell of carrion.