Posted 26 августа 2022, 08:56

Published 26 августа 2022, 08:56

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Down with thieves' chaos!

26 августа 2022, 08:56
Ержан Есимханов
A small subculture born in Soviet prisons has become the main culture of many post-Soviet countries.

Yerzhan Esimkhanov, lawyer (Kazakhstan)

If there is one thing truly harmful to our society, it is crime romance. And the funny thing is that in our country all spheres of life are saturated with this romance.

Businessmen at meetings discuss how much someone should “put”. Any photo in social networks, in which there are more than three guys, is necessarily accompanied by stern faces and the inscription "team". On the roads - "disassembly" and "chaos". Any conflict is resolved "on time". From the wrong one must "ask". What has been said must be answered. If you complain or go to the police - you "endured" or "loh".

You just think. A small subculture, born a long time ago, in Soviet prisons, in very specific conditions, has now become the culture of an entire country - and not one, but many. This infection has not bypassed anyone. Perhaps only those who are now over sixty were able to avoid this influence (and even then not all). The rest of this infection soaked through. Both men and even women. Even those who were born already in the 2000s also inherited this tradition, and they also repeat these words with pleasure: “showdown”, “ask”, “answer”, “stir up”.

There has been no brotherhood for a long time. Those who gave birth to this culture, either in the grave or in the mosque, atone for old sins, and in between they taxi and talk about past exploits. A few units - units - were able to somehow earn and survive. Hundredths of a percent of those who once went into this topic. Bad role model, right? And we all imitate. All muddied, twisted, movement-dizziness. Themes, resolutions. Everything is clear and understandable.

People who have never sat, and will never sit, behave as if they are in the zone tomorrow, and there will be "demand, as if from an understanding." They clearly know how to enter the house. Ask any damn logistics manager - and he will tell you in detail how to enter the house, how to say hello, and what not to do. Happy to list the details. The most popular videos on the Internet are confessions of thieves in law. In karaoke they sing "Vladimirsky Central" and "The Man in a Jacket". Cool. Half the country has never sat, but they speak and, most importantly, behave as if they have been sitting all their lives.

No, the reasons for this spread of this infection are also understandable. This is such mimicry, as a harmless beetle acquires bright paint so that it is mistaken for dangerous and not eaten. So students, office workers, businessmen and even policemen mimic the lads. Not to be touched again. To be considered dangerous. The main reason this culture has spread so much is fear. Fear of physical violence. The fear that you will really fall into the field of view of law enforcement agencies, and then, what good, and in prison - in our country it is easy.

Thirty years ago there was a short, literally three or four years, period of the life of the lads and brigades. And ended a long time ago. There is no more brotherhood. But the romance remains. It's as if the whole country has been infected with cowboy romance, and would go around in hats and with a lasso. Or adopted the samurai romance, and walked in a kimono and with swords. It would be funny, wouldn't it? And in our country half the country walks and imitates a long-vanished subculture - and no one is funny. Nobody. All serious, clear boys.

Get rid of this romance. Get rid. To burn with a red-hot iron, from oneself, and from others. From sons, first of all. To behave politely, calmly, reasonably. Like civilized people. Not like brothers. Solve conflicts in a legal way, and it is better not to bring them to the point. The law must be at the forefront. Law. Not a concept. Not disassembly.

Otherwise, we will hang out in the backyards of the civilized world, dressed in black, and clearly knowing "how to enter the hut." Because nowhere else will we ever need this knowledge.