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Published 14 ноября 2022,, 06:15

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"Chekist" outlined a sensational version of the story of MMM pyramid and Sergei Mavrodi

"Chekist" outlined a sensational version of the story of MMM pyramid and Sergei Mavrodi

14 ноября 2022, 06:15
On the YouTube channel "Ecology of Consciousness" an issue dedicated to Sergey Mavrodi was released, with the leitmotif: the businessman must be rehabilitated.

The host Sergey Dobryshkin invited an anonymous person to talk, who introduced himself as a Chekist, and made it clear that he worked in the FSB and the FSO, and knows the whole ins and outs of the history of the MMM pyramid.

At the beginning of the issue, Sergey Dobryshkin briefly recalled what kind of epic it was, with MMM.

“What is known officially: a lot of people invested, gave their money, and Mavrodi, it seems, stole this money. He was put in jail for deceiving depositors.

He served time and died relatively recently, somewhere at a bus stop. The layman's view of Mavrodi is as follows. He was a mathematician, he had scientific knowledge.

He created a financial pyramid, the state gouged it, while many famous personalities supported him.

But the most interesting thing is that, as we all know, there are such classic scammers who deceive people, they include, for example, Chubais, and other people who are known for robbing the people, and so they run away abroad, as a rule, either here they reach imperious heights.

Sergey Mavrodi did not run away, he did not go to power. He served time, but some money, presumably, he still had left, he bequeathed a lot. He did not run away, he died here, in Russia.

17 KAMAZ vehicles with money taken out at the end of July 1994 from the main office of MMM disappeared without a trace. The court failed to resolve this issue. That is, there are many inconsistencies that make one doubt the official version".

And here is what, in particular, the Chekist said:

“I’ll come from afar, from the background of how it all began. It began in the 1990s, when, as many remember, all-Russian privatization began. Many privatized their apartments.

State-owned enterprises of the country began to move into closed joint-stock companies. He was engaged in privatization, Berezovsky led this process with his team.

Oddly enough, at least two CIA officers arrived from abroad who were consultants on privatization in Russia.

And while people were dealing with their own issues, privatizing apartments that were state-owned in those days, many did not notice what was happening in the country. State-owned enterprises are transferred into the state of private companies, and the shares are bought up by this gang-watering can led by Berezovsky.

Our people at that time were very poorly developed in terms of legal areas, in terms of the economy, many did not understand what was happening, especially since there was no Internet, it was not particularly covered on TV. People went about their business, family, work, and so on.

The only person who drew attention to this, and correctly drew it, was Sergey Panteleevich Mavrodi. He was a very educated man, he graduated from Mekhmat.

At that time, he had quite serious computer firms. He had his own security, he was a wealthy man. He understood that the country was being plundered by a gang of oligarchs headed by Berezovsky.

And he understood that the Russian people would not be able to do anything about it, because there was not even proper information - several federal channels were under control.

So many did not know what was happening in the country. Agree, many did not even know what was happening in the neighboring area.

The information was closed to many. The oligarchs did not want to talk about it, everything was connected with serious companies, serious money. Many serious people were involved.

Well, then began his, let's say, the struggle for the country, for the people. It’s just that many people misunderstood his actions, which is why I’m talking about scrap so that people have a more correct understanding of how it all happened.

And then many people still consider the late Mavrodi a fraudster, they believe that he robbed people, took money for himself, and so on.

When he understood all this, I think he decided to create a situation as efficiently as possible in order to create a company for the accumulation and collection of money from the people, in one place, in order to start buying back shares of former state-owned enterprises.

And, accordingly, these vouchers, bearer tickets, would be individual shares, which would be backed by shares of state-owned enterprises.

When in six months he collected a third of the country's budget, in cash, he was still unknown. Now I'll tell you how he became famous.

The most serious action in Russia, even before the creation of MMM, before its dispersal, so to speak, was that he announced himself by buying the Moscow metro for two days and making travel free for all citizens.

People went to the subway, there was no need to buy tickets, there were posters "Sergey Mavrodi, MMM", that's how they learned about him.

Subsequently, he also had such an advertisement, which he officially bought out - he bought presidential time, five minutes before the New Year, congratulations for the whole country. And there was such an interesting moment. After all, everything was filmed in advance, and so, he came to the shooting in a shirt, and they said that he needed a jacket.

He didn't have a jacket. In the dressing room was a crimson jacket. They said that the whole country has black-and-white TVs, so the jacket will look black. And only the new Russians had color TVs, that is, a small number of people.

And this is how they filmed Mavrodi's New Year's address, instead of Yeltsin, to the country. And, that is, crimson jackets went from him. Many of the new Russians appeared thanks to Mavrodi and increased their funds.

There were many thieves in law who used the money of obshchakov in MMM, multiplied them. And from there such a fashion went (for jackets), they considered Mavrodi a serious authority for themselves.

An authority that in such a short time was able to accumulate such a large amount of funds. The crimson jacket became for them a symbol of a rich successful life, everything went from there.

... It is clear that people lost a lot when the MMM company was liquidated by the state, it is clear that on the basis of MMM there were a bunch of scammers and speculators whom Mavrodi did not control, they were openly fraudulent in the name of MMM on the trust of people. They are all gone.

Naturally, criminal cases were brought against individual characters, but that's another story. But the bottom line is that MMM was closed, they did not give it a go, people thought where our money was, but Mavrodi had no people's money. He died at a bus stop, without any security, without drivers, without expensive cars.

His apartment remained, not privatized, no billions, he did not even have a passport. And this is the truth.

And people with logic, in principle, should have an understanding that he did not have a goal to get rich at the expense of the people.

I just wanted to convey the truth to people. I'm for truth, I'm for justice".

The entire issue dedicated to Sergey Mavrodi and "MMM" can beviewed here.