Posted 16 ноября 2022,, 14:47

Published 16 ноября 2022,, 14:47

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A world without civilization is like life for the sake of life

16 ноября 2022, 14:47
Алина Витухновская
What we are seeing today is essentially a global confrontation between civilization and anti-civilization.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Today, not only Russian society, but also the cultural environment, including Russian poetry, has literally split into two camps. Inside which curious things happen. “Sensation” is no longer poems, but political revelations, or original “direct actions”, such shameful ones, including, for example, the theft of a raccoon.

“As much as I am sick of the phrase "real poetry", so people who "lay their lives on poetry", "live in poetry” and so on, evoke a feeling of embarrassment. Only a literary functionary with iron elbows can be more absurd (however, most often you hear about “life in poetry” from functionaries), - writes the poet Mikhail Dynkin.

“Absolutely, therefore, when they say to me: “And Pushkin, and Mandelstam ...” - I can only shrug my shoulders; the time was different, the context is different, today it just looks ridiculous.” Dynkin adds.

Poetess A.D. - a kind of lively collective farmer of the 1930s, " I am standing in front of you, a simple Russian woman ...", that's all. In the moronic world of an armed collective farm, she, in general, enjoys it. For it a priori has no place in modernity. She simply has no one to be there. But the type of the poet D.V. much more interesting. Contradiction between psychotype and political position. A man who looked like a European, but went into the service of Prilepin. "Aristocrat", from which glamorous pollen showered. Political choice is always psycho-physiological to some extent. Apparently, the author was afraid of old age. And in the face of the "Russian" world, he gave himself up to her. predictable paradox. In the last photo we see a tired, monstrously aged man. Basically a simple story. Imperial portrait of Dorian Gray.

Instead of prolonging life, the “Russian” anti-civilizational, regressive world plunges headlong into death, into the bloody Volga-Dogville rivers. How, having such a resource, to slide into such mediocrity? Also, apparently, how tons of Botox failed to stab old age. And there is always this terrible feeling from prematurely aged men with hints of their former beauty (in Russia there are few beautiful men, in principle). And yes, beauty is glamour, grooming, but glamour-rashism is impossible, because rashism is a declaration of ugliness. There is no scarier story for the glamorous consciousness (normal consciousness for a modern person) than the story of a beautiful Lolita who has turned into an aunt. Surprisingly, there are no similar works about boys or men. Yes, and such a reaction is almost taboo. All these are traditionalist costs, the archetype of a “masculine” man, who supposedly should not be handsome (young). Must.

What I am writing about has nothing to do with the profane idea of "love and accept yourself." Rather, it is about reformatting, remaking yourself for the better. And, mind you, external, not internal. In Russia, they always talk about the inner, neglecting aesthetics. The popular trend - "to love yourself" does not contribute to understanding the nature of society and man. It only smears the individual on some abstract scale of humanism (pseudo-humanism, of course), turns it into an average abstraction, devoid of properties. Here understanding, intellect are generally replaced by emotion. Which, in turn, does not solve anything. It's actually not even love. It is tolerance that subdues disgust. Which at any moment can break out. In the form of militaristic revenge, including. "Love" as a duty.

The world is not fragile, it is viscous, swampy. It is more destructive than any destruction directed at it. And he endlessly absorbs it, puts it at his service. Such a world can be radically transformed only through structures (subjects) of a higher order. At the heart of the existing dubious status quo are radically false ideas about good and evil, including. We are now reaping the fruits of erroneous doctrines formulated at the end of the previous century. In addition, implemented with huge costs and distortions. The concentration of these errors is so great, and their impact is so insane, that in their optics the whole world is already seen as a global error, a continuous looped cognitive distortion. It is curious that the world as it has been exposed in the last 8 months is absolutely similar to the world as I saw it at birth. Which was initially recognized and realized as a global evil. That is, in essence, in the experience gained now, there is, alas, nothing new. A world without civilization, and the "Russian" world is exactly like that - is pure evil.

The world of the majority is a world of controlled illusions. But every person in his life reaches the limit of self-deception. And then comes the moment of truth, the definition - who you really are. If you are a subject, you begin (continue) to shape yourself. Either you dissolve, disappear in the world stream. This applies equally to both individuals and individual communities and countries.

When I talk about the responsibility of the West, I'm not just talking about economic interaction with the dictatorship. I am talking primarily about the wrong optics, in which the current conflict was initially viewed as regional (peripheral). But as real recent history has shown, this confrontation is essentially a global confrontation between civilization and anti-civilization. Accordingly, political initiative, wherever it comes from, is global. And therefore requiring the same global approach.