Posted 5 декабря 2022,, 17:00

Published 5 декабря 2022,, 17:00

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Faces of monsters, or why you are not loved

5 декабря 2022, 17:00
Алина Витухновская
All Russian life comes down to a desperate attempt to relieve nervous tension by improvised means, without improving objective life circumstances, to a senseless and useless attempt to find comfort in discomfort.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Will the Russians be able to restore relations with the Ukrainians?". How the Ukrainian commentators will answer, I have a rough idea. However, please speak up. Maybe someone will write something non-funeral", - the Russian author addresses the readers. In general, it is proposed to answer the previous survey only to Russians.

Why are you not loved? That's for it. This is not "Russian literature". You are. How can one not understand and not feel the inappropriateness of such statements? Their unreasonable arrogance? Their complete political failure? From "Crimea is not a sandwich" to "Ukraine for a cultural dessert" - this is the stupid imperial path that the pseudo-opposition has traveled over the past decade.

It is interesting to understand what happened to the Russians in recent years? How did you manage to rid them of the basic instinct - the instinct of self-preservation? We all understand perfectly well that the layman, by and large, does not care about the "sacred" imperial values. In a critical situation, any person saves his life. And here - complete indifference. Moreover, these same people squabbled over square meters, for pennies. But now they have abandoned their vitality, thrown off as unnecessary ballast. It seems that we are dealing with a deep social depression, a kind of general feeling of animal despair, which nullifies all previous values.

Pianist and conductor Andrei Gavrilov writes:

“Just a personal opinion. About 35 years ago, I was also surprised at the lack of self-preservation instinct among Russians, like many other life instincts, but even then I realized that a person does not need life when all the historically established life ties are destroyed to pieces. This is not at all an anti-merit of the last decades of the undead of the Russian Federation, but the deliberate destruction of the vital ties of people by the Bolsheviks".

When one connection between a person and life is destroyed, it is already difficult to restore it. The Bolsheviks, on the other hand, destroyed all the connecting threads and roots that feed people with vital juices. Therefore, people have nowhere to take the desire to live, since human life itself, as a historically established phenomenon, has long been forgotten. There can be no "appetite" for something that does not exist. The Bolsheviks knew about this and carried out this operation consciously.

Even from above, such a thing is heard - Some people live or don’t live, it’s not clear. And they go away from vodka or something else. Then they lived or did not live - imperceptibly. And your son lived and his goal was achieved. This means that he did not leave life in vain.

It means that it is forbidden to live in Rossiyushka, filling life with its own meaning. The meaning here is given out together with the people's commissar's one hundred grams in the nearest receiver-distributor. The above remark is a direct reference to Vysotsky's song "Top", which also plays up the escape to death from the suffocating Soviet life through mountaineering. Alpinism in the Soviet Union is a legalized form of suicidal behavior. Vysotsky is just as tight-lipped troubadour, albeit nominally anti-Soviet. Here the dichotomy "Soviet-anti-Soviet" merges into a single schizophrenic impulse. Because all the simplest dichotomies are a way of system management.

In general, the type of “neurotic peppy” is typical for our space. Such were the "Vysotsky climbers." Those who like to climb mountains, dive into the hole, hit bricks with their heads. Healthy lifestyle pensioners, pumped up, but clumsy, squinting like “heroes from posters” (of course, Western ones). All existence of this type is reduced to a desperate attempt to relieve nervous tension by improvised means, without improving the objective life circumstances. Find comfort in discomfort. Which is basically impossible.

“I was left without one of the two men", - says the teacher with goose lips made in a cosmetic store. “Without the elder”, then goose lips exhale with insect pleasure - “But the younger one remained.” The impression is that she rips off the candy wrappers with a sticky hand and swallows the candy. Necrolozenges. They talk about others (men) as furniture, objects, or pets. But what do they taste? Where does this predatory snail eroticism and pleasure come from on these faces of monsters, which remind of painter Vasnetsov artwork?

It is interesting that the image of the killing motherland has drawn quite a specific image for us - this is an aggressive Soviet aunt. But male images are erased here until complete dispersion-absorption. The archetypal “average man” seems to be absent here. Soon we will see a country of nightmarish women, all-devouring skess, a fantastic "world without men." This is the embodiment of the idea of stability "in Russian". Stability is an absolutely feminine (in a bad sense) idea of nothingness striving into its own emptiness. His symbol is a kind of common woman who serves her survival by absorbing others. But this is also an absolutely suicidal construct, since having destroyed others, it will cease to exist on its own.

The worse the situation, the more sensitive Russians are presented and seem to cherish their mental suffering. Get drunk on them. Everyone's business, of course. But the question arises as to the appropriateness of such statements. I have always seen physical and social (so!) suffering - more important and stronger than mental ones. Well, again, this is a personal matter. The problem is that the majority, for some reason, always wants to be good, to look good. But the world doesn't care about your goodness right now. Then why are you doing this? The question, however, is rhetorical. Subjectlessness is also feeling through others. The non-subjective feeds on the concept of "common man". But the common man does not exist. Others are others. And hell is you.