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Published 13 декабря 2022, 14:32

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On the struggle of party members with Komsomol members

13 декабря 2022, 14:32
Алина Витухновская
The main problem of what is called Russian politics is that it is a conflict between seasoned mafia party members and rustic, but also mafia Komsomol members.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

If I understand plus or minus how the current system works (and if you want to replay the system, think how it is), then there is less and less logic in the actions of the legalized opposition, and was there any logic at all? What do I hear? "I believe in all good things" and "Good will definitely overcome evil". Belief in goodness here is a symptom of religious consciousness, it is an adapted popular belief in an all-good and all-powerful God.

"The sacrifices are not in vain." At the same time, “Gorbachev, who came to power, released all dissidents”. So says human rights activist Zoya S. What if Gorbachev had not come to power? In an attempt to idealize and protect his environment, he comes to ridiculous reservations. So the employees of Dozhd (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) are called by one liberal journalist "the best people in the city". As the government considers everyone for fools, so do you.

Every time you say that the government is stupid, mediocre, insignificant, you emphasize your own qualities. If you are smart, why don't you have the power? Idealism and complacency. Compassion and idealism. These properties of the environment endlessly nourish not only your own hopes, but also the confidence of the authorities that they are doing everything right. In the struggle between “good” and calculation and resource, calculation and resource win. Therefore, your romantic idealism is one of the foundations of the cementing Kremlin.

All this complacency is surprisingly combined with misplaced self-confidence. So, deputy Shlosberg, for example, called Latvia "provincial". I repeat, you do not understand your historical status and the historical time allotted to you. Literally do not understand who you are and where. Derealization and depersonalization - as an attempt to get away from the piercing clarity of understanding of the global historical catastrophe.

Today's moralizers are the same Komsomol ideologists. They just have far fewer instruments of influence. Therefore, when someone constantly appeals to your conscience, you should first of all think about the logic of his reasoning and the ultimate goal. If they appeal not to reason and logic, but to emotions, then you are being manipulated. This is an axiom.

But Venediktov (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) quotes Sobchak:

“What is happening is monstrous, your country (Ukraine - A.V.) should not suffer like this. But we will not renounce ours either. And from the forcibly mobilized ordinary people who are generally... nobody needs... This is a simple thought: you can be against what is happening, but at the same time understand that this is our army, and whose else is it?

“We will not stand up for the price” - something like it turns out. The entire red army of (post) Soviet propagandists stood up to defend Dozhd (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) and “our boys”. At the same time, they drown both Dozhd (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), and themselves and, together with them, the entire Russian opposition. It looks like a job of deliberately discrediting. Therefore, dear European friends, when you do not let the fleeing opposition activists cross your borders, you are bothering yourself in vain, you already have all the agents. First they stumbled on the Ukrainian issue, and now on the Latvian one. Self-destructive system data dumps compromise themselves on the air. And what's interesting - on their own, on their own, it seems not even by order. Nobody pulled the tongue. Following the system, everything that revolves around it and was created by it is destroyed.

It sounds like a refrain that the Russians came to the Baltic countries as if they were visiting a dacha. I, "God" had mercy, almost did not find these times, but what I remember from my deep childhood is exactly the opposite. The Russians, the Russians looked somewhat out of date, out of place, clumsy. They looked and felt. In the Baltic countries, things were different. Aesthetically, cleanly, structured, there was no unsettledness and narrowness in people. Therefore, the Russians even then felt like mental provincials, but they carefully concealed this.

The same thing that is called "imperial" surfaced later, at the suggestion of the Kremlin, which skillfully used this fetish for all orphans and notorious. Only he spudded the "deep ones" in order to insert into the silent mouth instead of a piece of bread the gag of greatness. And the pseudo-opposition gave out imperialism itself from its womb, as its true essence. The only question is whether it is imperialism or a simulacrum. For me it is the second, because it stems from a monstrous uncertainty. Which gives the paradoxical "We all owe." No, no one should. To you.

Poet M.V. complains that in one of the schools it was forbidden to read militaristic poetry. That's right, you do not need anyone but the authorities. Yes, and she is not very. There is nothing to scare the children. The current etatism has gone, among other things, from militaristic examples such as Simonov's "Kill him!" (German) - concentrations of aggression, sadism, misanthropy, the pure cry of a Soviet maniac. Then came the more “humane” poetry “according to the guitar”, diluted with ryazhenka Brezhnevism, from the Soviet KSP (Amateur song club), sacralized by a certain environment and still today.

"Human" here should be understood as the fact that some mutating entity wants to enter into your confidence. Well, they said so - "I understand you as a person." But in fact, they come out and not quite people. They just pretend to be human. And the more “human” they are to the public, the more dangerous they are - “From where were you for 8 years?”, To “our boys”, to “We are kind, we pity everyone.” (Simonyan), all this will be mixed thickly with the “Teardrop of a Child” cocktail, shaken up and definitely blown up. From the scraps of this Soviet aggressive culture, adding to it (oh my God!) Soviet fiction with Alla Pugacheva and a couple of LOMs, whose cultural value in the general European context is in question, they are trying to sell us "Beautiful Russia of the Future", in fact "USSR 3.0", in which not only will there be no life, because socialism is “non-life” and the kingdom of mediocrity, another aggressor will inevitably come out of it and everything will start anew.

The main problem of what is called Russian politics (and which, of course, is not politics) is that it consists entirely of bandits and party members who have entered into conflict and rustic, but also mafia Komsomol members (pseudo-opposition), who do about the same thing, what they did before. The latter just mentally live that way in the 1970th year. And they can do almost nothing. Nothing from the word. Therefore, nothing happens. Everything just gets worse. But this is not their merit.