Posted 22 декабря 2022,, 08:24

Published 22 декабря 2022,, 08:24

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Non-human factor

22 декабря 2022, 08:24
Алина Витухновская
If someone is very afraid of death, this does not mean at all that he loves life. Rather, he puts his value above both life and death, he is afraid (does not accept) two processes. Here we are not talking about "to be or not to be" even - how to avoid both states?

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

"Tyrant" does not need "alien vitality", as pop psychologists came up with. He needs a resource. Energy, health. But energy is not equal to vitality. Vitality presupposes primordial harmony with being, which, in general, disgusts modern man. It's just not customary to talk about it. Very few people need vitality at all. This is such an "energy fiction", another Buddhism for the poor.

The "tyrant" is as outdated a modernist construct as the archetypal "hero". These are media images, simulacra. So any modern tyrant, for example, is not an archetypal tyrant, but a gray cardinal of the black Politburo, parsley in the hands of the security forces. Most simple modern truths are just unspoken evidence, something that is not customary to talk about. Call the next book that.

Political errors stem from false promises. Including psychological ones. Once again I read about "unloved" tyrants, whose nature is due precisely to dislike. The need for love is a kind of fetish of pop psychology and pseudo-humanism. A dangerous simplification. Even the attachment of a child to parents is largely due to technical dependence on them. Love is an imprint, an overlay that happens or it doesn't. What can we say about socialized adults? Especially modern ones. A modern socialized person rather prefers to be profitable, to be at the top of the social hierarchy. The mental provincial just wants to be a big bird. The Russians, in principle, always lack solidity. Often, complex motives are sought where they do not exist. Power is needed for the sake of power. Simply.

Here is an example of another false premise leading to incorrect conclusions:

“Man is love. But Russians do not know love. How does not know her, for example, Chikatilo. Therefore, they need a perverted semblance of love - power".

So writes one of my commentators. But everything is exactly the opposite. First, it turns out that all the rest (Europeans and Americans) do not need power. But it's not. Moreover, most Russians do not need power! Otherwise, they would have fought for it. It is the struggle for power that is politics. Everything else is its pathetic semblance.

If this is not modern (and this is not modern), if this is not a state (and this is not a state), if this is not a system and not an ideology (and this is not a system and not an ideology, but black-and-white interference and red-brown information noise), if there is no society (and in fact there is no civil society, the rest are atomized subjectless groups), then there is no need to wait for a revolution. Revolution is possible in modernity, in the state, under dictatorship. I repeat, the Russian Federation is the world's first pseudo-dictatorship that exists only and exclusively at the expense of the resource. Therefore, the only way to neutralize it lies in the economic sphere, in disconnecting from the economic "socket", that is, stopping the purchase of oil and gas.

The semantic potential of the current system is absolutely exhausted. Security forces initially, by their ontological nature, cannot be beneficiaries (beneficiaries) of power. They were only a resource, intermediaries, a tool. But as it turned out, no one stands above these intermediaries. That is, literally - the authorities cannot dispose of the authorities, or they dispose of them badly. Similarly, on the other hand, citizens who do not claim power, but only local changes, cannot be the beneficiaries of a conditional revolution. This is the classic “tops can’t, but bottoms don’t want”, a dichotomous dead end in postmodern conditions.

Where logic is broken, style is also broken. Where there is no intellect, there is no aesthetics. The businessman's wife, Sh., was photographed wearing coarse, oversized furs against the backdrop of the Kremlin. In a recent article , I mentioned matryoshka people, writers and politicians, who are supplied to the world by Russia, which is shrinking like shagreen leather. From each large matryoshka, a smaller one jumps out, but worse. Because matryoshka-deciders, nesting dolls-cultural-political lookers are not competitive and only the worst of the worst are selected so that they do not shine against their background. Therefore, foreigners no longer walk on the conditional political Arbat, they simply stopped buying nesting dolls.

However, some of the systemic women, ontological adaptations, plunged into something hysterical-sable, Khokhloma-rollabout. This is defiant vulgarity, pseudo-glamour, rather even anti-glamour. Also sad are the Soviet lionesses from Sobchak and before, pseudo-blondes with ironed hair in white jackets, but with a hint of raspberry. Pathological adaptability and the declaration of interchangeability (subjectlessness) - that's what this whole lubok-matryoshka carnival manifests. And of course, the lackey - "What do you want?" Some privileged strata consider themselves an aristocracy. In fact, the nomenclature comes from one character of Saltykov-Shchedrin - namely, the master's valet, who consumes only those emotions that are given to him. That is, the entire elite that we have is a well-trained gentry.

The participation of a significant number of women in the process of alienating, returning back, is well explained by the candidate of philosophical sciences Anna Ganzha:

“Engaging in the revision of Soviet and post-Soviet biographies, I am obliged to report that an easy biographical path is observed only in those who, due to fatal or tragic circumstances, have lived half their lives - about 50 years, but in the event of a delay on sinful earth, a person will certainly go to the second round and the biography begins to ugly swirl with repetitions or contradictions. Some managed to take part in both anti-religious and religious campaigns, enter into a thaw, frosts and again a thaw, participate in the construction of the century on one occasion, and then on a completely different one, condemn their comrades in a collective letter, and then, after many years, repeat again this feat. Previously, due to the peculiarities of the aging of the female body, even if women were excluded from this process, now, due to the achievements of aesthetic medicine, they are not excluded at all, and sometimes, on the contrary, they are its locomotive".

We see on specific examples that the history of Russia is looping, repeating itself largely due to the human (or non-human) factor. Namely, the factor of a homo-soviet crank, a person without qualities, demonstrating certain qualities for the sake of the regime and to the detriment of himself, at least in the long term.