Posted 28 декабря 2022,, 04:41

Published 28 декабря 2022,, 04:41

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Updated 28 декабря 2022,, 07:43

Banks restructured loans of the mobilized for 58.8 billion rubles

Banks restructured loans of the mobilized for 58.8 billion rubles

28 декабря 2022, 04:41
The restructuring of loans of the mobilized and their relatives affected 155 thousand loans totaling 58.8 billion rubles. Moreover, this is half as much as the Bank of Russia planned in September.

As the head of the Financial stability Department of the Central Bank, Yelizaveta Danilova, told Izvestia, the level of restructuring is now "significantly lower than during the pandemic".

"As of November 30, the level of restructuring on loans of mobilized citizens is about two times lower than our estimates showed in September. According to a survey of banks, 155,000 loans of servicemen and their family members were actually restructured for a total amount of 58.8 billion rubles", - Danilova noted. In the consumer lending segment, 2.2% of the debt was restructured, and during the coronavirus pandemic, restructurings reached 5.5% of the portfolio.

In mortgage lending, the share of restructurings is growing more slowly than in consumer lending. As of December 1, only 1% of the portfolio was restructured, while 4.4% was accounted for during the pandemic.

It's worth reminding that according to the statement of the regulator, close relatives can independently apply to a credit institution to restructure loans of mobilized citizens.