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Ostentatious virtue in a world that doesn't exist

Ostentatious virtue in a world that doesn't exist

3 января 2023, 09:50
Алина Витухновская
Behind the phantom of Russian imperialism, animated by the Kremlin, lies ordinary losers. The Russian — always and everywhere — was a mental provincial, an outcast, both technical and semantic. Uncompetitive, unfashionable after all.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya

Yes, it is not customary to talk about this, all this was overshadowed by the pillowcase of culture.

But the cultural pollen crumbled. Postmodern culture is no longer a cover at all. It does not solve or resolve anything. Actually, the Russian empire in the XXI century is a fake, an absurdity highlighted by propaganda.

But everyone becomes ridiculous here. Both the "bad" national patriots and the "good" system liberals leading the "battles for white coats". And "goodness" is distilled imperialism. That is, two (fake) in one. "Goodness" is the religion of the environment, artificial in nature. An ordinary person does not want to look "good", especially 24 hours a day. Good and is good. And the "bad" gets rid only in the finale, as the hero of the "Mechanical Orange", that is, becoming himself. The problem of a Soviet-post-Soviet person is that he often cannot even become himself, he, in fact, has no one to become, his personality has actually been erased.

One of the examples of the "battle for white coats" was the discussion that unfolded around Leonid Parfenov's interview with Yuri Dudu (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation). In the context of discussing what the journalist Parfyonov "said wrong", we see such a phenomenon as virtue signalling (ostentatious virtue). Everyone is just writing about how they reacted correctly to the news about the 24th of February. While it is clear that a person under stress does not think "correctly", he thinks either illogically or about preserving his own life and well-being. And only then the brain builds a politically representative statement.

The empty hopes that a certain environment puts on its idols are also symptomatic. This is a kind of sadistic Christianity of the soft format. You want others to crucify themselves endlessly. Socialist sadomasochism as it is. And what does it matter what Parfenov said? The world that you are trying to impose as the highest moral imperative, with party crowbars defining the context of existence, this world no longer exists.

In the background there are "bloody" discussions about Pushkin. But it's not about Pushkin. The fact is that the "Pushkin world" no longer exists. Moreover, for 150 years. The struggle for pseudo-identity in the absence of subjectivity is like the struggle of ghosts with living people, with reality itself. Imperialism is a ghost. Which the dead cling to from all sides.

One thing I can say is that the newly—born "party of saints" will never come to power. In an attempt to preserve "goodness", to look "good", they destroy all previous ties, dissolve identity without realizing its falsity, that is, without reflecting. The loss of identity for an objectless person is equal to the loss of the "I". This is the most primitive pseudo-political maneuver. To become "good" against the background of "bad" — operetta and other villains. But this also means strengthening a system built on the simplest false dichotomies. Paradoxically, but a fact. To be politically effective, it is rather necessary to become uncountable, elusive, unpredictable. These "good" ones are bad because their every next step is predictable.

The president, who distributed rings to the leaders of the CIS countries, like Tolkien's hero, is simply playing on the cultural field of the Soviet intelligentsia. Well, he will also wear a dragon mask. How much there will be a child's joy of recognition! Power just does what you think it does. And what you think, you admit. The Kremlin is mocking. But the pseudo-position is also mocking. She actively joined the "discourse of the ring". No, really, do you remember this "who owns the discourse"? And whoever owns the discourse owns the "opposition".

Tolkien is a writer for children. Good, yes. But for children. When people speak to society in the language of children, society is considered a bunch of idiots. Those consider you to be idiots and these. There is no difference. Hobbits, elves, orcs are the repertoire of role—playing players. This is not a political language. Moreover, not the language of the XXI century. Therefore, the pseudo-opposition does not oppose the Kremlin. She promotes it. And actually, he doesn't really hide it anymore.

A very symptomatic comment appeared under one of my posts — "The President has not read Tolkien." Firstly, Tolkien is mainstream. Mainstream is something we know about without studying (without reading). Ontological infoshoom. Intellectuals, especially domestic ones, lose because they believe:

1. That there is some "elite" information. No, in postmodern and postinformational it is not;

2. That "it is necessary to read everything". No, it is absolutely not necessary for a person with logical thinking to "read everything". The ability to add two and two is enough. Logical thinking defeats archaic "knowledge", even academic.

Political science has turned into a continuous reflection and squabbling. Which looks more than strange. If you have an oppositional orientation, it is unclear why with your forecasts you strengthen the demonic image of power, thereby strengthening it? In general, there are a lot of emotions in politics. And emotions in politics are more harmful than useful. We need Russia for ourselves. And not for the current owners. That's what you need to do for yourself. It is necessary to begin to understand the current Russian Federation as a technical problem, and not as a moral complex within the framework of "Dostoevsky" reflections. Understanding Russia within the framework of reflection, you merge with it and are absorbed by it. The only thing that the current Russian Federation is afraid of is modernity and rationality. So we have to be modern and rational.