Posted 8 января 2023,, 08:10

Published 8 января 2023,, 08:10

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Mass media: many Germans do not agree with the transfer of tanks to Ukraine

8 января 2023, 08:10
The German newspaper Bild published survey data that indicate that the Germans are dissatisfied with the supply of tanks and Marder infantry fighting vehicles to the territory of Ukraine.

The publication notes that 49% of respondents called the planned transfer of Marder to Ukraine by the German government a mistake. About 40% support the decision of the German authorities, and 11% are undecided on the answer.

It is noteworthy that 50% of respondents opposed the transfer of combat tanks to Ukraine, and 38% support this decision of the authorities.

More than 1000 citizens of Germany became participants of the sociological study. A total of 1001 people were interviewed.

Earlier, residents of a number of European countries expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Ukraine receives the latest weapons from the EU, which are not yet in the arsenal of many NATO countries. As a result of these deliveries, Ukraine has significantly risen in the ranking of the strongest armies in the world.