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The Ministry of Justice proposes to allow prisoners appointments with their children

12 января 2023, 10:21
The Ministry of Justice has published a draft of new internal regulations of pre-trial detention centers and correctional institutions. Among the innovations, it is proposed to remove restrictions on visiting prisoners, suspects and accused by their children.

Prior to that, children's visits to pre-trial detention facilities were not regulated. The administration itself made the decision to allow children to visit relatives who are under investigation. The Ministry of Justice proposes to allow children to visit prisoners accompanied by an adult relative of the prisoner, it follows from the draft. At the same time, the number of persons admitted to the meeting will be determined based on the capacity of the rooms and the schedule of visits.

In addition, it is proposed to allow prisoners to wear glasses if they are not made in metal frames and with plastic lenses. The glasses can be stored in plastic or fabric cases. Now, to have the right to wear glasses, you need to get permission from an ophthalmologist.

Also, prisoners can apply for a passport replacement through the administration of the institution. If the prisoner has no money in his account, the passport will be replaced free of charge.