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Published 16 января 2023,, 08:41

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"Mimino" is the truth that we need today

"Mimino" is the truth that we need today

16 января 2023, 08:41
Дмитрий Травин
Vakhtang Kikabidze and Frunzik Mkrtchyan were able to form a myth that we don't want to give up.

Dmitry Travin, political scientist, publicist

I'm sitting, watching "Mimino". I'm almost crying. Just the case when "I will shed tears over fiction". Today we have no illusions about the friendship of peoples and the Soviet people as a new historical community (there was such a concept in "scientific communism"). But Buba Kikabidze and Frunzik Mkrtchyan were able to form a myth that we do not want to give up, as we never want to give up beauty. Even if it ruins the world, not saves.

Vakhtang Kikabidze left. He left at a time when terrible things are happening in our world. And against the background of the myth created by great artists and the great director George Danelia, the terrible becomes even scarier. Because we compare the present day not with the past reality, but with the ideal. The gap is getting bigger and, accordingly, the abyss into which we are flying seems to be bigger.

And yet I watch Mimino. I look, I cry, and my idea of the role of beauty in history is gradually changing.

In Soviet times, the myth of a new historical community played a cruel joke on us. Instead of really looking at the world and making it convenient for everyone, we fixed an unrealistic construction with ideology. And when it turned out that the Soviet ideology was good for nothing, they began to hammer the myth with sticks.

But even today, when the sticks are talking and the muses are silent, I look at Mimino with different eyes. There is no Soviet myth there anymore. He's already unimportant. There are human relationships there. There is not a story about the past, but a story about the future. About what we will try to become someday. Not us, but our children. Our grandchildren.

There is nothing more natural than a good human relationship. When I read the news, it seems to me that this is fiction. When I look at Buba Kikabidze – young, perky, charming – I believe that this is true. This is the truth that we need today. And therefore, when black thoughts come, I will not reread "The Marriage of Figaro", but I will revise "Mimino" again. Once again, "I will shed tears over fiction" and once again believe that "beauty will save the world."

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