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Published 22 января 15:14

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In Germany, a burning train without a driver speeded away from the police and rescuers (VIDEO)

22 января 2023, 15:14
A train caught fire near the German village of Strasse in Bavaria. Police officers and firefighters arrived at the scene of the fire, but at that moment the train without a driver unexpectedly began to move in the direction of Austria, accelerating at a significant speed.

The movement of the burning train began because of the inclined track. He managed to drive several kilometers, covering the area with smoke, but then the railway workers came to the aid of the firefighters and the police — thanks to them, the "ghost train" did not leave the country.

According to the "Podyom", the railway workers sent the burning train to a side track, where it was eventually stopped. After that, the firefighters took up the case. Information about the victims and victims was not received.