Posted 24 января 2023,, 05:08

Published 24 января 2023,, 05:08

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German concern Rheinmetall is ready to send 139 Leopard tanks to Kiev

German concern Rheinmetall is ready to send 139 Leopard tanks to Kiev

24 января 2023, 05:08
The concern is ready to start deliveries by April-May.

As a representative of the German defense concern Rheinmetall told the editorial association Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland, the company can transfer up to 139 Leopards to the Kiev regime. Leopard 2A4 - by April–May 2023, 22 more tanks of the same model - by the end of 2023 — the beginning of 2024. The concern is also ready to "make 88 more Leopard 1 cars available."

Recall that Germany refused to supply tanks to Ukraine until the last moment. During a meeting at the Ramstein airbase, Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin could not convince his German counterpart Boris Pistorius to announce the deliveries. Moreover, it is known that the ministers communicated in "raised tones", and after Austin described the course of negotiations in an internal report accordingly. He attached special importance to the meeting with Schmidt. On the eve of the delivery of tanks to Kiev, the EU Foreign Ministers discussed.

The head of the European Diplomacy, Josep Borrel (who has long called for supplying Ukraine with as many weapons as possible), believes that "good results have been achieved in Ramstein in terms of the number of weapons that European countries intend to supply to Ukraine." A day earlier, he complained about Germany, which "blocks" the supply of tanks to Kiev.