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Published 24 января 10:33

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The Kremlin said that the supply of German tanks to Ukraine will affect relations with Germany

24 января 10:33
The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov commented on the possibility of supplying German Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. According to him, if Germany agrees to these supplies, this decision will affect the country's relations with Russia.

"The relationship is already not very good. There is no substantive dialogue with other members of NATO and the EU. But of course, this does not mean anything good for future relationships. This will leave a mark on these relations", - the press secretary of the president said. His words are quoted by RIA Novosti.Recall that the creation of an international coalition for the supply of German Leopard tanks to Ukraine has been discussed for several weeks.

The Polish authorities are actively advocating for this. The country has previously announced its readiness to transfer 14 such tanks as part of the overall delivery. Finland also announced its readiness to supply German tanks, noting that it would do so only if other EU countries did the same. In order to transfer German tanks to another country, states must first request permission from Germany. The authorities of this country have previously noted that they have not yet received requests from any of the countries. The first official request from Poland became known today.