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Media: Joe Biden on January 25 will announce the supply of Abrams tanks to Kiev

25 января 2023, 05:05
These tanks will be contracted.

The Qatari Al Jazeera TV channel, referring to an official of the United States administration, reports that on Wednesday, January 25, American leader Joe Biden will announce the supply of Abrams tanks to the Ukrainian side.

"President Biden will announce tomorrow, on Wednesday, the decision to supply Abrams tanks to Ukraine, - says the interlocutor of the media, adding that "the tanks that will be sent to Ukraine will not be removed from warehouses of Pentagon, but will be contracted".

Before that journalists wrote that Washington intends to supply up to three dozen such combat vehicles to the Kiev regime, but is not ready to announce deliveries yet. The day before, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz made a decision to transfer Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. Today he must give Poland permission to re-export German-made combat vehicles to Kiev.

Earlier, Germany was pressured by the United States, pushing to approve the transfer. On January 24, he announced his readiness to hand over the Leopards to Ukrainians It was announced by the German defense concern Rheinmetall.