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The Russian Orthodox Church suggests not to have abortions without the consent of the spouse

26 января 2023, 10:29
The Patriarchal Commission on Family Issues, Protection of Motherhood and Childhood proposes to introduce a requirement according to which doctors will refuse to perform abortions to a pregnant woman if her spouse has not consented to an abortion.

Priest Fyodor Lukyanov said that the legislation should also provide for the requirement that pregnant women be provided with psychological counseling, as well as fetal heartbeats. The offer does not apply to cases where an abortion is necessary for medical reasons.

At the same time, as the priest clarifies, medical indications for artificial termination of pregnancy can only include a threat to the health of the mother. The threat to the child's health is not a reason for termination of pregnancy, he believes. This is due to the fact that perinatal screening may show an incorrect result. His words are quoted by TASS. The priest proposes to establish criminal and administrative responsibility for the advertising of abortions and their illegal conduct.

According to him, now 75% of such operations are carried out in private clinics with many violations. For example, pre-abortion counseling is not carried out, a week of silence is not observed. A pregnant woman can arrange to have an abortion directly on the day of treatment.

The priest condemned abortions and called on the country's authorities to legislate this phenomenon as negative.