Posted 26 января 08:47

Published 26 января 08:47

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Yandex has reported a leak of its source code to the Network

26 января 2023, 08:47
Fragments of the old code from the internal repository of Yandex were in the public domain. The company is already investigating how this data ended up online.

Earlier, information appeared on social networks that 44.7 GB of Yandex source code data appeared on the Internet.

The company's press service noted that the code leak is not related to hacking the system. "The Yandex security service found code fragments from the internal repository in the public domain. However, their content differs from the current version of the repository, which is used in the services, " the company's press service told Interfax.

The company added that the leak is not related to user data. TASS, citing a source, notes that an employee of the company may be involved in the draining of fragments of codes.