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70% of Russians have an average level of digital financial literacy

2 февраля 2023, 13:04
According to a study by the analytical center of the National Agency for Financial Research (NAFI), 70% of Russians have an average level of digital financial literacy.
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"More than two thirds of Russians (70%) demonstrate an average level of digital financial literacy. Most often, this category includes women (73% vs. 63% of men), urban residents (73% vs. 61% of rural residents) and single Russians (81%)", - the researchers report on the NAFI website says.

13% of citizens have a low level of digital financial literacy. Digital financial literacy of another 17% of Russians is estimated as high. The portrait of the most digitally savvy participants in the study looks like this: men over 45 from small towns with a family of more than three people.

"At the same time, almost one in three does not know that it is unsafe to make money transfers and payments by connecting to the Internet via public Wi-Fi (31%), never changes passwords on online shopping sites (38%), and also considers cryptocurrency a full-fledged means of payment (38%)", — analysts noted.

To form the assessment, digital financial knowledge, attitudes and behavior of the study participants were taken into account.

"The digital financial literacy index is measured in points and in 2022 for Russia it amounted to 5.63 points out of 10 possible", - the survey results say.

The researchers also found that Russians tend to underestimate or overestimate their own level of digital financial literacy. 74% of the survey participants expressed a desire to improve their knowledge of the digital financial environment and the security of its use.