Posted 2 февраля 2023,, 07:44

Published 2 февраля 2023,, 07:44

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Another million rubles were demanded from Philip Kirkorov for his dancing on the cross

Another million rubles were demanded from Philip Kirkorov for his dancing on the cross

2 февраля 2023, 07:44
Orthodox activists have filed another million-dollar lawsuit against singer Philip Kirkorov because of his performance in the Kremlin using a cross.

The Orthodox estimated compensation for moral damage at one million rubles, writes the telegram channel Mash.

"According to Orthodox activists with the head of the project "Peaceful Warrior" Mikhail Feodoridi, the king of Russian pop is obliged to atone for his sins with the sum of six zeros", - the message says.

The believers decided that only a large sum of money could compensate for the moral damage caused to them by the show with dancing on the cross.

It's worth reminding that this is not the first major lawsuit against Kirkorov.

Earlier, Ruslan (Sergiy) Aliyev, an Orthodox businessman and activist from Yekaterinburg, filed a lawsuit for a billion rubles against the showman. He demanded to recognize Philip Kirkorov as an extremist. He sent a statement of claim to the Tagansky District Court of Moscow.

The reason for the performances of Orthodox activists were concerts by Philip Kirkorov called "55. Gold the greatest hits. The Best Hits", which took place on the stage of the Kremlin Palace from April 27 to April 30. During the show, the artist climbed on a large white cross. Orthodox activists and businessmen called what they saw "an act of mockery of religious symbols" adopted in Russia. They felt that the show "incites religious discord and destroys the military spirit in the army." Based on this, in May 2022, religious activists from all over the country attacked the capital's square with statements on Kirkorov. Having collected 19 volumes of complaints, law enforcement officers did not find any crime and refused to initiate a case.

However, the activists did not stop there. The Orthodox believers were joined by Muslims. Because of the scandalous dance on the cross, they demanded that the authorities ban Kirkorov's concerts throughout the Caucasus, explaining that the artist should not "insult Christian brothers".

Kirkorov apologized to the believers, but the lawsuits continued to arrive.

Kirkorov's lawyer told the media that the lawsuits against the singer are "speculative and custom-made," and the number with the cross, on the contrary, is "conceived as worship."