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Published 2 февраля 15:00

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Vladimir Putin stressed that Russia has something to respond with to the supply of "Leopards" to Ukraine

2 февраля 2023, 15:00
Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the country will find a tough response to the supply of foreign tanks to Ukraine.

"We do not send our tanks to their borders, but we have something to respond with", - the president said, adding that the use of armored vehicles will not end the matter. "Everyone should understand this", - the president noted.

Vladimir Putin stressed that despite all the efforts of "unfriendly Western elites", the country still has many friends all over the world, including on the American continent, in North America and in Europe.

"Those who drag European countries, including Germany, into a new war with Russia and even more irresponsibly declare it as a fait accompli, those who expect to win over Russia on the battlefield, apparently do not understand that a modern war with Russia will be completely different for them", — the president commented.

Earlier, the German authorities approved the supply of 14 German Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, and also allowed other countries to re-export these weapons. The creation of a coalition of European countries for the supply of German tanks to Ukraine was initiated by Poland. The authorities of this country previously announced their readiness to transfer 14 German tanks to Ukraine.