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Behind the fight in the Chelyabinsk school, some are looking for an international subtext. The police deny

Behind the fight in the Chelyabinsk school, some are looking for an international subtext. The police deny

10 февраля 2023, 08:36
The incident at the Chelyabinsk school, when teenagers staged a mass brawl, is being discussed at the federal level. The personalities of the participants in the brawl gave some a reason to talk about interethnic relations, and others - about the abandonment of the younger generation. Novye Izvestia has studied all versions.

On February 8, a resonant incident occurred in Chelyabinsk Educational Center No. 5. A group of teenagers staged a conflict near the school, two, fleeing from their pursuers, ran into the foyer, where they were overtaken and brutally beaten. Hammers and an air pistol were used. The massacre was filmed on a surveillance camera, and the footage soon spread all over the Internet. The victims did not receive serious injuries, and the raiders in balaclavas fled. Soon the police reported on the detention of the fifth suspects. They were taken in the apartment of one of them. Photos from the "event" appeared in the media: the room is covered with graffiti, the scarf of the Zenit - Chelyabinsk football club got into the frame. The club was renamed 10 years ago, but the symbolism with the old name marks the ultras. And they also showed photos of the detainees, their faces are smeared, but it is clear that their heads are clean-shaven. At the same time, the names of the victims appeared: Feruz and Zinatulloh. You can say that everything is clear. But the vibration from this event will be even longer.

A well-known blogger from Yekaterinburg, Sergey Kolyasnikov, said that he would appeal to the Prosecutor General's Office, demanding to join the investigation and study the victims of the attack in more detail. Kolyasnikov refers to messages in social networks where they talk about the exploits of young people.

"Two citizens without nationality Feruz and Zinatulokh "hold" this area, imposed tribute on schoolchildren. A typical comment from the Chelyabinsk public: "You can go to any VK public in Chelyabinsk and it turns out that the instigator (Feruz and his friends) in oc5 regularly extorts money from other children, mocks them using numerical superiority", - the blogger writes, attaching screenshots of comments from social networks. - Since the law enforcement agencies are inactive, people began to fight back on their own, with a rebuff everything turned out as it should. Chelyabinsk police valiantly detained yesterday, you will probably guess who - only Russian guys. A gang assembled on a national basis, terrorizing the residents of the neighborhood, is not interesting to the police. Now I am collecting information, I will write an appeal to the AP and the Prosecutor General's Office".


A similar position was supported by the deputy of the Moscow City Duma, an employee of the GTRK Andrey Medvedev.

According to the authorities and the police, this is what happened.

"Terrible Russian hooligans, neo-fascists and skinheads, for no reason, attacked other students of their school," he wrote in his telegram channel. - Feruz and Zinatulloh, of course, were beaten only because Russian schoolchildren are angry and intolerant. And now the neoskinheads will be punished to the fullest extent. But if you read local groups in social networks, public, it turns out that the guests of the Urals have put together something like a gang, and robbed other schoolchildren. Who is weaker, who cannot fight back. Beaten, bullied, phones were taken away. And then, a Russian schoolboy named Nikita and his friends intervened in the case. As I understand it, he had a conflict with the guests of the Urals, they called him "to the arrow", and traditionally they did not come alone, but the Russian schoolboy also, prudently took friends with him. Then we all know... it's not just the fact of the fight. It's about justice. At first, adult policemen, teachers, parents did not notice the school ethnic gang, and now, covering their asses, they blame Russian children for everything. At the same time, I repeat, none of the members of the ethnic group has been detained".

Alexey Sevastyanov, the former Commissioner for Human Rights in the Chelyabinsk Region, spoke in a similar vein.

"Allegedly "skendheads," he wrote on his page on the Vkontakte social network. - But the law enforcement agencies did not report on how many members of teenage groups formed on a national basis were detained in this area today. For several years now, these citizens have been keeping children in fear there. In the same burger king, they gather, take things from children, insult them. And the PD authorities can't do anything, parents explain well in bad Russian so that these teenagers are not touched. It would be fair to pay attention to all parties to the conflict. There should be comprehensive measures, they should be public and real. Otherwise, the Russians are to blame for everything again. Of course I am for peace between all nations. We must make every effort to live together. But in fact, teenagers were trying to solve problems that adult police officers could not cope with".

From domestic life to a love triangle


The Chelyabinsk Region police categorically rejected all arguments about the ethnic nature of the conflict. The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the region said that the reason for the fight was domestic.

"A number of telegram channels published reports about the conflict that occurred on February 8 in Chelyabinsk between young people aged 14 to 18 years. The publications give a subjective and untrue assessment of what happened. At the same time, teenagers are attributed to participation in a group engaged in illegal acts, - the police reported, - during the inspection it was found that there are no statements, appeals, criminal cases and inspection materials regarding victims of a fight in the internal affairs bodies of the Chelyabinsk region. In addition, the participation attributed to the second side of the conflict in illegal movements and extremist groups also does not correspond to reality. Teenagers are familiar with each other by educational institution, as well as by place of residence. The conflict arose as a result of personal hostility and mutual claims, which were not known to teachers and parents. All the events that have occurred have purely domestic reasons".

In addition, the police noted that they ask citizens and media representatives to "refrain from emotional assessments of what happened and trust only official sources of information".

Local edition it voiced a more complete version of the conflict, clearly coming from the security forces. With reference to anonymous sources, journalists said that Feruz and Nikita were classmates and had been feuding since the 6th grade. In the 9th Feruz went to college, Nikita stayed at school. But a girl appeared between them. Nikita's classmate became friends with Feruz, for which she was subjected to jokes and insults. Feruz decided to deal with the offender, called his brother, and Nikita – friends. Then all the surveillance cameras took off.

Apparently, to put an end to the history of the investigative committee, the head of the department took control of the investigation. Four of the detainees were released to their homes, as they had not reached the age of 18. One, already capable, is still in the police. A criminal case has been initiated under the article "Hooliganism" (Part 2 of Article 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

Special opinion: no one needed the children, that's the result


Whatever conclusions the investigation came to, whether the version about the "national gang" and the attempt to solve the problem bypassing the police is confirmed or not, this story is about abandoned children. This is the opinion of one of the public figures from Chelyabinsk, who spoke with a correspondent of Novye Izvestia.

"This particular fight is, of course, a particular one, it looks scary and literally plunges us into street relations of the late 80s – 90s," says the interlocutor, "but it follows from a more general problem. Children, and they are still children. Nobody needs them. School, first of all, does not make it possible to direct the energy of a teenager in a peaceful direction. Individuals are not needed, a gray mass is needed. They rammed their stuff and kicked the kids out. It is good if a teenager is supported in the family, given the opportunity to realize himself, to develop. And if everything is bad in the family? Then the young man is brought up by the street, and he realizes like this, as in this story".