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Published 23 февраля 14:20

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NATO countries have depleted stocks of artillery shells for supplies to Ukraine

23 февраля 2023, 14:20
NATO countries have run out of artillery shells that they could supply to Ukraine. This was stated by the Secretary General of the alliance Jens Stoltenberg.

He noted the need to increase production, as the military conflict in this country has turned into a stage of "attrition".

"The problem now is that the consumption of shells exceeds our production. We have depleted our reserves", - he said in an interview with CNN.

Jens Stoltenberg added that NATO countries are now planning to focus on the production of artillery shells. "Because now it is a conflict of attrition, a confrontation of logistics. We need to supply Ukrainians every day so that they continue to achieve results on the battlefield", - Jens Stoltenberg said.

Earlier, Jens Stoltenberg spoke about conducting an audit of ammunition depots in NATO countries. After the analysis, the NATO Secretary General called for increasing production in this direction.