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The Federal Treasury will check the spending of the Ministry of Defense on a special operation

1 марта 2023, 08:57
The Federal Treasury has launched an audit of the expenses of the Russian Defense Ministry for conducting a special military operation. In particular, spending on bulletproof vests, communications equipment and fuel is being checked.

"We are currently conducting inspections of the Ministry of Defense in four key areas as part of a special military operation. These are expenses for the supply of personal armor protection equipment, communications equipment, fuel, fuel and separately for the repair and production of weapons and military equipment", - said the head of the department Roman Artyukhin at a meeting with the Prime Minister of the country Mikhail Mishustin.

He added that work in this direction will continue.

The head of government, in turn, instructed Roman Artyukhin to personally monitor the progress of the inspections. The Prime Minister of the country noted that this is a very important issue. The funds allocated for the special operation should be spent as intended, "so that all the tasks that were set were solved, and not a single ruble was spent inefficiently", Mikhail Mishustin added.

Earlier, Mikhail Mishustin called on law enforcement agencies to identify the needs of their units in material and technical means. He stated that there are no insignificant issues in equipping troops, since the effectiveness of soldiers on the battlefield depends on it.