Posted 3 марта 2023,, 10:15

Published 3 марта 2023,, 10:15

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Updated 3 марта 2023,, 13:57

Germany decided to buy part of the preserved Leopard 2 tanks from Switzerland

Germany decided to buy part of the preserved Leopard 2 tanks from Switzerland

3 марта 2023, 10:15
The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Economy of Germany have sent a request to the Swiss authorities to purchase a part of 96 preserved Leopard 2 tanks. They are planned to be used to replenish the military arsenals of those countries that previously agreed to send German tanks to Ukraine.
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This is reported by the Swiss newspaper Blick.

According to the publication, the redeemable tanks are not planned to be delivered to Kiev. They will be acquired by a German company Rheinmetall.

The Swiss Defense Ministry confirmed to the publication the receipt of a corresponding request from the German authorities. The ministry noted that the country's authorities want to keep 34 of the 96 preserved German tanks. The rest can be transferred to Germany after obtaining the appropriate permission from the Swiss Parliament.

Earlier, the European coalition of countries agreed to supply German Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. Poland initiated deliveries. In addition to this country and Germany, Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway and Portugal also agreed to supply German tanks to Ukraine.

The Finnish authorities also spoke about their readiness to supply tanks to Kiev. The country has stated that it will supply them if other European countries do so. Later, Finland announced that they would not send German tanks to Kiev themselves, but would supply three armored mine-clearing vehicles based on these tanks. The Spanish authorities noted that the tanks allocated for Ukraine need to be repaired.

Earlier, The New York Times journalists found out that European countries are not able to send the promised tanks to Ukraine. As it turned out, some of the tanks in their arsenal don't really work or they don't have spare parts.