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Sofia Sapega is included in the list of persons involved in terrorism

Sofia Sapega is included in the list of persons involved in terrorism

14 марта 2023, 13:54
Sofia Sapega, a Russian woman convicted in Belarus, was included in the register of persons involved in terrorist activities in this country. This is stated in the documents on the website of the Belarusian KGB.

In total, the list contains about a thousand surnames. Russian Sapega Sofia Andreyevna, who was born on February 10, 1998, is listed under number 1026. It is noted that the reason for her entry into this register was the entry into force of a court verdict, according to which she is found guilty under the article of the Criminal Code of the country on incitement to racial, national, religious or other social enmity or discord.

Earlier, the Grodno Regional Court sentenced Sofia Sapega to six years in prison. She was found guilty of inciting social hostility, as well as illegal collection and dissemination of information about the private lives of government officials. She is currently in Gomel women's colony.

After the sentencing, she asked the president for a pardon, but she was denied it. The presidential administration explained that she was refused because there were no grounds for a pardon.

It's worth reminding that Sofia Sapega was detained in May 2021, when she and Roman Protasevich, the founder of the extremist and terrorist Telegram channel Nexta, were flying from Athens to Vilnius. Her plane landed urgently in Minsk after receiving reports of explosives on board.