Posted 27 марта 2023,, 09:16

Published 27 марта 2023,, 09:16

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Thinking prosthesis: scientists have taken a new step towards creating cyborgs

Thinking prosthesis: scientists have taken a new step towards creating cyborgs

27 марта 2023, 09:16
Cambridge University scientists have created a new type of implant that is able to synchronize the work of the brain and a high-tech prosthesis that replaces the missing part of the patient's body.

Experts have already called this cyberpunk technology revolutionary, since it embodies the plots of films and books in which neuroimplants, representing "hybrid flesh" and thus improving human capabilities, have already become a reality. 

Now, in fact, we are dealing with the first full–fledged mechanism for creating cyborgs - people who will feel mechanical organs as their own. There have already been attempts to redirect the signals of the nervous system to implants, but it was not possible to fully integrate the flesh and electronics.

Scientists solved the problem by turning to biotechnics and cell therapy: they managed to combine living tissues and electrodes – for this they created microscopic electronic devices of such a size that they can be placed on the tip of a nerve. They, in turn, were embedded in artificial muscle tissue, which became the link between the implant and the human body, the first tests were carried out on paralyzed rats – the rodent brain successfully perceived the new organ as its own and gave it the same commands as ordinary limbs.

The new interface could revolutionize our interaction with technology. "By combining living human cells with bioelectronic materials, we have created a system that exchanges information with the brain in a more natural, intuitive way. This opens up new possibilities in prosthetics, machine-human interfaces and even in enhancing our abilities", - says Amy Rochford, one of the creators of the new type of implant.

These words open up space for imagination, says network analyst Alexey Yesod: "It seems that the moment is not far off when completely healthy people will be able to install X-ray and heat–seeing eyes in special implant workshops, piercing any material of the hands, digesting the stomach fuel - and maybe nuclear reactors instead of hearts. In this world, the eternal question will sound like this: who is stronger – cyborg or AI?"