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On the nature of earthquakes: how the elements "play" with the Earth without disturbing the brains of scientists
Attempts to explain the causes of the February catastrophic earthquake in Turkey and Syria have demonstrated the incredible ignorance of scientific journalists and even scientists around the world.
Results of 2022: the most high-profile arrests of the year and the new "fashionable" crimes
The Federation Council supported the initiative to toughen the punishment for sabotage up to life. How else? After all, Vladimir Putin recently set the task of seriously strengthening the work of security agencies in key areas: identifying traitors, spies and saboteurs. But in 2022, they have already worked ahead of the curve.
Декабрь 2022
Question of the day: Will the Earth's magnetic poles change in the nearest future?
The last time such a phenomenon happened on our planet more than forty thousand years ago, its consequences were severe, but not catastrophic.