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Published 28 марта 2023,, 15:01

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Because we sin too much: Russia's chief geneticist explained why people live so little

Because we sin too much: Russia's chief geneticist explained why people live so little

28 марта 2023, 15:01
The director of the Vavilov Institute of General Genetics said that the cause of all human troubles is the original sin of Adam and Eve.

Ivan Zubov

Alexander Kudryavtsev, Director of the Vavilov Institute of General Genetics, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, read an almost incredible report on the degree of obscurantism at the III International Scientific and Theological Conference "God - Man – the World" in early February.

He was one of the honored guests of the theological forum, as well as a plenary speaker. In his speech entitled "Ecological and biological problems of the corruptible world", the director of the ACADEMIC Institute built a biblical graph of the life expectancy of our ancestors from "before the flood" to the present day to explain what caused this declining dependence. It turns out that the Universe created by God in the process of the Act of Creation fell into a kind of "corruption" because of the fall of people, and since then, not only is it being destroyed itself, but it is constantly being destroyed due to mutations provoked by the fall, also the human genome itself, both personal and generic…

"And in this regard, it becomes clear, at least to me, the statement that children up to the 7th generation are responsible for the sins of their fathers." - says a member of the committee.    

Kudryavtsev did not fail to mention environmental problems in this regard. According to him, our planet is being depleted and dying. For the sake of persuasiveness , he gives such a mathematical calculation:

"In order to feed one person, 1 ha of arable land is needed. We have 5 billion hectares of arable land on Earth. This means that the Earth can feed 5 billion people if we cultivate it in a non-violent way. That's 5 billion we had in 1987… These numbers, of course, are not equivalent everywhere. Not all countries are fully filled. For example, 250 million people can live peacefully in Russia. We have 250 million hectares of arable land. And there are only 146 million of us. We don't realize yet that we haven't filled yet. But in China, for example, only 150 million people can live freely, and there are 1.5 billion. Europe is on average overpopulated by 2-3 times.... Our resources, first of all our resources of food, clean water, energy, are too attractive for the world, be it Europe or China. Therefore, whether we want it or not, we will have to defend ourselves, and defend ourselves militarily. In fact, we have already started doing this..."

This speech caused a storm in the scientific community, which commented on it very emotionally:

- Australia, Kazakhstan and Canada have long had to start fighting with the whole world - they have more hectares of arable land per capita than in other countries;- Now it is clear what discoveries will be made by new generations of Russian scientists in the foreseeable future;

- Why didn't he wander into other religions?

For sure, they lived longer in India, but just the same, the Christian religion led to the fact that some miserable 900 years…A well - known scientist and public figure Andrei Rostovtsev writes about this:

- That's it! Now it's clear why the whole world is fighting against us. Thanks to the chief geneticist of the country, Doctor of Sciences, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Explained in an accessible form…

Among the most informative comments about the report of the director of the Academic Institute of General Genetics Rostovtsev highlights the following:

"All science in the Soviet Union, which did not work for military enlistment and mining of mineral raw materials, began to degrade in the 30s of the 20th century, when Stalin cut off scientists in the USSR from world science"And adds from himself:

- Perhaps there is some exaggeration in such a statement, but it is worth at least thinking about it. To the above, we should add the recently published observation of sociologists: "If the team does not work in the field of "traditional values" or "patriotism", in fact, there is no chance to receive funding from state funds in Russia today.

If this is the case, then we are very lucky to become observers of the rapid destruction of the building of rational consciousness, being literally inside the building itself. This is a rare chance. We will observe..."