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Cross-pollination: now it's clear how China became a "leader" in digital technologies

Cross-pollination: now it's clear how China became a "leader" in digital technologies

3 апреля 2023, 13:00
Chinese scientists are far inferior to American ones in the development of cyber technologies, but at the same time they overtake them in the citation index of scientific papers.

Cyberwar, similar to the "space race" of the Cold Soviet-American War, will unfold in the very near future, but now between China and the United States, experts of the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy are sure. In the published study, they claim that in the near future China may officially be declared a high-tech superpower, since it is already leading in 37 out of 44 high-tech industries, including promising developments in the field of defense, space, neural networks and robotics. American corporations are only in second place.

Researchers believe that China owes its success to years of investment, the development of all necessary infrastructure and the search for young talents. But do not forget at the same time that many specialists and key developments come to China from abroad, so this scientific miracle is by no means completely created by the Chinese. Experts, in this regard, urge Western governments to redouble their efforts to subsidize research projects.

However, if you look closely, you will find that almost all the revolutionary breakthroughs of 2022 were associated with American startups.

So, the incredibly popular neural network bots DALLE-2 and ChatGPT are created by OpenAI from the USA, as well as the super-complex AI models CnvNeXt and Instant NPG — MetaAI and Nvidia. And only one development of comparable importance - the Stable Diffusion neural network, which draws an image according to your descriptions in text, belongs to scientists from the German Ludwig-Maximilian University.

Expert Alexey Yesod draws attention to the fact that all these projects are generative: they allow you to create digital content of any complexity and in the future will completely change the modern labor market. Chinese scientists have not yet created anything similar in scale. Their success lies in

in the following: almost half (48.49%) of high-tech scientific papers with high citations were written in China. That is, the numerous scientific community of this country also creates a huge number of texts in which Chinese scientists quote each other, so that in the end it turns out to be an analogue of cheating bots in real life. There is really a lot of work on neural networks, but there is almost no real practical benefit from them – only the appearance of hard work. That's the reason for the Chinese "breakthrough" according to Australian experts.

It remains to add that Russia is not even mentioned among the candidates for participation in the cyber race of the century. One can only guess about the reasons why this happened with the once exorbitant potential, the presence of a huge number of professional personnel and good samples of their own neural networks…