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The Ministry of Finance proposed to simplify budget support for new regions

4 апреля 2023, 13:48
The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation made a proposal to switch to a simplified procedure for providing financial support from the federal budget for new regions. This was reported by the press service of the department.

"So, it is proposed to establish a simplified procedure for providing financial support from the federal budget. This will help accelerate the delivery of budget allocations for the implementation of measures to ensure life and restore infrastructure in the territories of the new subjects of the Russian Federation", - the message on the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Finance says.

The corresponding draft resolution has been published on the federal portal of draft regulatory legal acts. The initiative provides for the approval of uniform rules for the provision of other inter-budget transfers to establish a common approach to providing budget support for new regions.

The press service of the Ministry of Finance clarified that the proposal provides for the provision of financing by analogy with one-time financial assistance at the expense of funds from the reserve fund of the Government of the Russian Federation.

The ministry added that the goals, expected results of the provision of transfers, as well as the level of co-financing and distribution to individual entities will be determined by the government order.

The explanatory note to the document states that decisions on providing financial support to new regions in the amount of up to 10 billion rubles were proposed to be taken by the working group responsible for the implementation of a special infrastructure project. In case of exceeding the limit, the decision will be made by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, TASS notes.